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Long shot but I saw this in the classic thread and would anyone happen to know where this uberfabric could've been sourced?

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In the past, one rule of thumb I used to follow was ribbon width and bow size. Sweeter brands tend to use wider ribbons and bigger bows. In classic, ribbons tend to be thinner and bows tend to be smaller. Gothic (Moitie) can be a bit of a mixed bag. But that was back in the OTT era, I don't think it really holds true nowadays, especially with current sweet.

Another important point is petticoat shape. Classic dresses and skirts tend to use an A-line (VM, MM) or a hybrid shape (IW, JetJ). Cupcake/Bell-shape is more utilised in other styles. Though this is probably pretty biased because I personally adore the sharp A-line. Maybe I'm under the impression that the cupcake shape was preferred in sweet in the past because some AP dresses had in-built petticoats but I've never dabbled in AP sweet so take that with a grain of salt.

The role that cut plays also cannot be understated. Pic related was a pretty interesting BTB secret. Different brands of different substyles used this uberfabric at one point, so it's a nice way to see how each brand had a different take cut-wise, even when the print was the same.

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All hail uberfabric

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The MMM coat doesn't have the fur cuffs though

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>not starting thread with the superior image

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WTB pretty much anything in this fabric

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>what is reading
Is it the weather why are gulls acting extra stupid lately
>With some things especially older releases it's often not that easy to tell.
>some things
>older releases

Well, what can I say
>don't need your help
Don't wanna help a braindead cunt anyway
>git gud famalam
you ain't worth it

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This was meant to point to >>9850001, sorry!

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I'm really glad that BtB has been a little more active recently, I'm enjoying this revival. The gobelin anon makes my week, and I don't even like gobelin.

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