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>mfw two week ago I had sex in a comic con on a surprisingly unused staff-only room, where i got blown and i blew too

Well now. I had sex in costume. And I love it. Now I know it's my fetish. And now I can't say i'm not attractive, I can't say I am hopeless and etc. Hell, i'm going to fuck in the convention in two weeks from now.

It's a good feeling but also, unbelievable. I went beyond what I ever expected.

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Excluding the 'never braking character' and the amount of girls being greatly reduced, that's how I roll on cons. I get carried away by walking and wanting to take pictures that sex is deleted out of my mind. And to think I have a huge libido.

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>be at social gathering of your cosplay community
>one of tthe dudes lost a bet and had to wear a princess leia costume, the white dress one
>due to the high quality of the costume, which was borrowed from one of the girls, i get a little excited
>the dude bullies me a little because i'm the youngest and easily flattered
>dude sits on my lap and goes away because he felt it and because i took the initiative to hold his hip, because others did it, and i don't get to do that ofte nbecause i'm a fucking sperg
>mfw I think I made people think i'm gay

Well it's not like I was drowning in pussy before.

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I just came back from a big comic con in my country.
Not sure how it is elsewhere in the world but at least here most girls in costume are never alone. Most often they're with their husbands,boyfriends, or some gay friend they got to shoo away people trying to get themselves a girl.

Plus, it's all about the mindset. These written signs are often prohibited or strongly not recommended by the conventions here, so, there isn't much you can do to try and get yourself a girl.

And, the mindset. When you're with a costume, you want to have fun, take good pics, see the other costumers, see the rooms/themed spaces... you don't really think about sex at all.

I wonder how to get a cosplay girlfriend in such a situation, where such romantic elements do not exist in a comic con.

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>mfw my whole sexuality is star wars and can't think of every character and analyse them in a zero to ten scale of sexiness


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