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I've been using New Look 6457 as a bodice base, replacing the back panels with shirring and doing a gathered rectangle skirt. The front panel is already a trapezoid. It's the curves on the front side panels that I need to figure out or eliminate completely -- for my chest size, pattern makers assume you have a decent amount of breast, but mine is mostly ribcage. (And some fat, not gonna lie.)

I probably do need to adjust the angle of the other panels from the top line to the waist as well, but I also have some body dysmorphia issues so I always cut just a little bit extra on every seam which, as we all know but my stupid brain won't admit, means everything ends up too big and then I have to adjust and adjust and adjust and then it looks like shit.

I'm also STILL at DragonCon and need to start getting ready for today. So if I end up not replying to anyone else until much later, it's not intentional, just very busy! I'm very excited about improving on this dress and I really like all y'alls ideas so far.

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