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More the former than the latter I would imagine, though it's more playing by ear than anything. For example, last year's meetup was a complete accident. Still. A couple of us (myself included) are quite sociable and all 5 travel around extensively for conventions, so we know the score.

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Whoops, meant to quote >>10038871 for my second half. That was my mistake~ I want the random Aussie to see this.
Why are you in an AnimeNYC thread if you're from Australia? Did you seriously travel across the world for THIS con? Or did you just pick a random Aussie site because it was the only one you could find that aligned with your views? That's pretty sad...yikes.

Here's another article for you.

Oh, and here's one in .au for you

>I have no retorts to anything, so I'll just pretend to be stupid and/or pretend my points weren't dismantled

How is it damage control to point out that your source of information is unreliable?

You're really not making this better for yourself.

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>Blaming a 14 year old girl who just watched her best friend die and doesn't know that Kyubey is a monkey's paw yet for not wording her frantic panicked desperation wish carefully

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Because things related to Mike are actually relevant to all of us considering we should stick up for one another when a scammy con like this comes around. Learning more about his scummy nature, as a person, puts forth more reason to get this guy's con shut down. Some random nobody who's just loosely related to the con scene is of no fucking importance.

We're going after the kingpin here, not his lackies/buttbuddies/whatever the fuck the literal who Tanis is. This is less about taking a person down and more about taking a shitty scammy con down and getting Wunderwelt their money back.

Unless Tanis is somewhat relevant to bringing this whole thing down, keep that shit out of here.

That's where it's different.

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I'm pretty sure that someone I know is /pol/ autist that believes in every single conspiracy theory known to mankind and is slowly trying to groom/redpill me from being a liberal when I'm really just apathetic about anything to do with other people. I don't know what he expects to gain from it since he is in a relationship. Maybe just the thrill of "informing" someone? I don't know.

>mfw he tells me in elaborate and passionate detail why the earth is flat and about how the gay agenda is pushing us away from the bible
>mfw I'm a borderline-lesbian voyeur guro loving furry enabling fat accepting transgender fetishist and dress up as japanese cartoon characters and collects bags full of 2d male keychains for fun

Please, senpai, tell me more about those wacky degenerates. I would love to hang from the rope on The Day, just get me one that looks like tentacles.

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They don't have glitter. Do you mean the pearly sheen?
You mean the tip part that indicates the bunched fabric gathering on pointe shoes? I own pointe shoes, and its emulating that.
bruh, you sure we're talking about the same shoe?


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By the way Irish anons here, we have an /eire/ general on /int/ every day if you ever feel like stopping by.

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Pal, I'd like a source, Im calling bullshit on this one

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>everyone with a tumblr ITT saying they're tired of SJWs

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New BST thread!

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but anon chocolate has milk

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pics or didnt happen

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Maybe safe was the wrong word to use.
Both are minimal coords. Fanny Rosie's is simple yet elegant, but the other girls is simple and boring.
Fanny's coord is much better balanced, and her ivorys for match, other than her bag which is more of a true white. The other girl has on knee socks which to me ruins the aethestic of the dress, and the whites dont match at all. Fannys tights also add a nice texture and add some detail to the coord. Plain socks are.. plain.
No matter how much more shit I point out, it comes down to opinion.
Though your opinion is wrong.

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>not incubus

Oh, you're not a grill? That's rare.

Are you saying if I get fucked up, I'll lose my virginity?

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