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my period started today and is so painful. Probably wont get to dress up for easter and kind of sad. I just wanted the excuse to wear pastels and bunny ears

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Daily lolitas, do you ever feel weird going out in full coords on and off? Is it ever a /process/, and other times it's just like getting dressed for the day? I'm a fucking autist and I feel like COVID made every outing either super exciting for me, or super exhausting and stressful. Wearing casual is one thing but some days it's too mentally draining to pull up to the grocery store in a whole fit.

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>missed out on it by one fucking day

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lol sorry. At least the print looks nice. Imai Kira deserved better than this sloppy execution though .

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I'm always bored and lonely
I don't know of any sites where lolitas can talk about lolita stuff besides cgl, ruffle chat, and discord
Are there others?
Am I dumb?

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>tfw I'll never have a qt skramz lolita bff to start a powerviolence band with
I just want to be like Self Deconstruction is this too much to ask for

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i feel like a phony. my jfashion friends know me as a nice person and my social media portrays me as a happy lolita with an okay life

but i'm actually an ana-chan with a benzo dependence and no irl friends. i don't wear lolita much anymore, i spend all of my time at work and school. i don't have the energy to talk to the friends i've made and i get nervous reaching out to them again after it's been a while

it feels like i'm keeping 3/4 of myself from my friends and it's making it hard to talk to anyone. the other 1/4 is just lolita, the other hobbies i have no time for, and trying to be supportive when i have the energy. i can't tell them what's actually going on. i'm not nice, cute, or wholesome at all. i'm a sick, grumpy, overworked imposter.

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