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Some absolute shithead keeps stealing my mail from my mail box and I'm pissed. I'm now missing out on several blouses and accessories including dream items.

I'm beyond fucking pissed and about to shit in a box, wrap it up like it's a package, and shove it in my mailbox for this megacunt to take.

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There’s the all idol meet up, unfortunely that and the LL meet up is run by this cringy dude.
>tfw wearing idols all weekend
>now what

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>"I figured this would probably be the best place to ask on 4chan."
>asks on possibly the worst place for this on 4chan
>asks on 4chan before using google instead

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>stop being passionate about your hobby just because it's fashion

Why are you even on /cgl/? I'm the same way about my high end pieces too, I take care of my shit and put a lot of time and effort into it to the point I consider it a lifestyle. Having some filthy casual side eye me because she thinks I'm not allowed to be enthusiastic about it is beyond retarded.

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Why does she take the pictures so close. Is it on purpose? It's actually making me nauseous.

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Too much shoop

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The only real one I know of is cgl, commonly stylized as cg/l. The rest is a hilarious troll.
>tfw when I said I like /cgl/ and someone assumed I meant cg/l

Also, OP, why didn't you google this? Are you the same person who made the other ageplay post a few days ago? They also called sweet lolita "sweet loli," which concerns me.

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>I'm not fat
>destroys clothes trying to put them on

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