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>How do you feel about cosplayers who only dress up from stuff that's currently popular?
There are 3 categories I can think of for people who would do that.

1) Career cosplayers
2) People who honestly like the character, but getting attention for their cosplay is a big goal.
3) People who don't like the character/show who just want attention.

1) It makes sense to follow trends if you're trying to make a career out of cosplay/crafting. Most art careers require you to go where the money is. Look at the artist alley/dealers hall at any con and tell me how much of the stuff being sold is old-school anime vs FOTM anime.

2 & 3) For these groups, I think trying to get attention for a cosplay from a very popular show can be a bad move because there will be so many other people rocking the same outfit that you'll be overshadowed. At least with #2 they like the show and can enjoy the company of other con-goers who are also into the show. But for #3 I can't understand what the point will be. Unless you're very attractive or a fantastic craftsman, your cosplay is probably not going to get as much attention as others dressed as you and you're going to spend the whole con surrounded by people you don't have a shared interest with, which just seems like a lonely experience.

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