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I used to love wearing fairy kei so much. It was my go-to fashion for 6 years, head to toe in pastels, a colorful petti, colorful hair clips, and fuzzy socks.

I never worried when people thought it was weird or anyone judged me for it because it was what I loved and I felt great in it.
But then I had a really bad incident where a couple people I know were telling me that it was not only weird but that I always look like an age-regressing kid or an adult baby. That wearing it was like having a swastika on my head and I shouldn't expect anyone to treat me well in it. All anyone sees me as is a freak and a person trying to look like a gross baby and a weird fetishist.
Now for the past year I can't look in the mirror wearing fairy kei. I look at myself and I don't see that flowy fun pastel person that I love, all the things I used to see. I see someone in their mid twenties that looks like an adult baby. I see someone that looks like not just a weirdo, but a creep. I end up staring at myself for a while and crying and taking it all off.
I have tried really hard to find a different pastel style I like but it is really hard and always falls so short of how I used to feel. Nothing feels quite the same no matter what I try and I always feel like I don't look like myself.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? How can you get over a mental block in your brain like that?

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So last night when I went to bed they (roaming gangs of rioters) were three minutes away from my apartment raiding a Walmart. This morning I woke up to learn they then selectively targeted only the gun stores in the area. On twitter last night calls to storm the "white hoods" started. I am in a very working-poor area, we're mostly non-white here. I don't know if they mean "rich places" or literally places that are mostly white people.

... I've come to terms that if they come for my apartment I will not be able to save my 15+ dresses. Eight of them are Japanese brands, others are indie. Today in the daylight I'm prepping emergency "run and go" bags. And I'm wondering... What small Lolita things could I take along? I'm thinking, if I have to re-build my wardrobe, that maybe wristcuffs would be nice to still have? All of mine are ap and IW and they're all dyed lace in the coord colors I wear most (classic palette). What do you guys think? What's a small-size Lolita thing you would take with you?

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I don't have a dream dress now but I am dreaming of life back in Misako-chan's eyes.

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I don't have a dream dress but I am dream of life back into Misako-chan's eyes.

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Worst was when I was traveling on a ferry in a remote part of Canada. I was sitting by myself and a group of teenaged Japanese on a school trip passed me by. One of the boys saw me, then yelled loudly to his friends "日本人ですか?!" (Is that a Japanese person?!) in a mocking tone and they all laughed.

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>*wears fairy kei daily*
>"I really like you anon! I always have a lot of fun with you and I feel like I really have friends when I am with you and roommate anon"
>asks her to hang out sometime and she says we will definitely talk about it
>that same girl later to my roommate
>"Anon seems so fake. And also why would I want to hang out with someone who dresses like they are a fucking kid?? What is wrong with her lol"
>roommate kicks her out and we never see her again
>roommate tells me about it after she kicks her out but says it is true that I dress like a kid and it doesn't matter that it isn't meant to look childish and is just that I like baggy pastels and cute things because it will always look like ddlg or fetish shit to everyone
>I just like to wear one fucking kind of style where I can feel pastel and dreamy and cute and not like a sexual object and I can't do that anymore
Now I get scared to even wear fairy kei anymore. I look in the mirror and all I see is what normies see which is a big DDLG baby.

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