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Last thread >>10737551

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>tfw you realise there is a new generation of lolitas who have never seen deerstalker vids before
>Much that once was is lost; for none now live who remember it

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Now I can easily obtain lolita, it doesn't make me happy anymore. I don't know why. When I was a teen and I couldn't afford it, it was all I wanted. Now it's all I surround myself with but I don't know who I am within it. I don't want to wear anything else, but I don't feel like myself. Maybe I should sell everything and start afresh, but where would I begin?

This is a confession because no one knows, no one will ever know, because I keep up appearances within my comm.

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>going to break up w useless bf
>best friend told me she went all out with my xmas gifts so I bought way more things for her than I should have
>I got one present from her that cost $9 (she told me with a smile on her face when she gave it to me), while I spent $90 on her. I don't give to receive, but it feels shitty bc I was hyped
>meanwhile she spent over $300 on stuff for herself, while telling me she's in a bad financial situation so she's sorry but she can't spend money on me right now
>I'm actually pretty poor and her present cost me a fair chunk of my wage, which she doesn't appreciate
What the fucc

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Does anyone feel like it's not worth it sometimes? I adore lolita and it makes me so happy, but after a really bad day of being bothered and ostracized by people, I sometimes feel like I should just give up. I'm not going to, hell no! And don't think for a second I'm some newb who isn't used to people being catty or rude in public: I've been wearing lolita and other jfash for years. Just sometimes every little interaction wears me down, and I come home feeling like I've been chipped away. I should just wear jeans and a t shirt and be invisible, or get into western alt fashion. That's not going to happen, but jesus I feel like an outsider sometimes.

It's not like I want to be accepted by every normie I see, or anything, it's just tiring to be torn down.

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I came into this thread to find friends but I found Kamen Riders instead.

Can we take the Kamen Rider stuff elsewhere? I want to make friends but I'm not into that.

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>Neighbors are kind of dicks
>That's ok don't have to deal with them much
>package from japan
>versatile dress that will add to my wardrobe
>excited to wear it
>postman leaves a note instead of knocking (I was at my house)
>"You weren't in so it's with your neighbor"
>I live on a long street
>don't want to talk to them but I have to find this dress

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To the cool guy with the cool music taste I ghosted many months back:

maybe we can meet again on cgl someday? I wonder if you're going to the same cons as me this year.

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So boring this week.

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>Buy a 3F bonnet for an upcoming event (over a month in advance)
>Seller is extremely unresponsive, takes forever to reply to messages
>Takes a week between receiving payment and shipping
>Messages me to say she was going to ship it and noticed there were some spots on it (offers me a 20% refund or full refund)
>Takes another week to ship it out after sending the 20% back
>Flash forward to now, 2 days before the event, bonnet still hasn't arrived

I'm really really disappointed that I won't have this bonnet for the event. I don't want to leave the seller negative feedback because she did offer me 20% back, but I wish she could have shipped in an appropriate timeframe so I could have the bonnet for the event I purchased it for.

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the fact that "meetlita" is even a ffffuuuaaarking word now

i already know everyone in my con probably hates me because i hardly come to meetups, great to know theres another reason for someone to look down on me

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I'm starting to feel more and more like a lonelita. A falling out with a girl in my "clique" of lolitas has led to me being excluded from all their private meetups and non-lolita events. I don't really see any of my lolita friends as friends anymore, and girls outside of that circle don't bother inviting me to anything either because I work a lot and am not very close with anyone in the comm. I've mentioned to other girls in the past that I'd love to join them for their weekly meets but nothing really came of it and I feel pathetic asking again.

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I feel so depressed with the lolita situation in my country rn. We are a small European country and our body count in my city is 5 people per meetup, out of which you can expect only 3 to have decent coords each time (including me and my best friend)

I've been in this fashion for 8 years now, and I long for a decent sized, decently dressed community so much. I wouldn't need something gigantic like the UK comm either, just 10 people, wearing actual lolita coords.

We used to have that when i first joined, but then people moved on, and new people can't seem to commit to even the most basic coord.
There is this one girl that only has 2 BL dresses that she can't coord to save her life, and this other one that even has moitie, but pairs it with the most horrible shitty blouses, cheap wigs and makeup that is melting on her face. And another 1-2 that show up in casual clothes.

I am the mod of my community and I've tried numerous things, from going to nicely decorated cafes that don't require a reservation, so that people don't feel obliged to pay a lot, lolita secret santas, to even hosting a swap meet where I made sure to include older brand pieces, accessories and mooks for dirt cheap to entice people, to no avail. I am talking BTSSB jsks in good condition for 30 euros.

Occasionally, we will get an infulx of weeaboos, that think ero cosplay lolita is a thing, try to join, and we are basically polite and try to encourage them, but they never commit once they find out they have to either splurge some money or do some basic research to get good deals, and that their Misa Misa cosplay is not an acceptable coord.

Shit, I know that my country is relatively poor by European standards, but we have a considerable BJD community, which is a much more expensive hobby, so this shit is not an excuse.

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> I'm 30yo. No job. No money.
> want to create my own brand to fulfill my teenage dream
> apply to get in sewing courses for adult
> got rejected for the second year in a row
> don't know what to do with my life anymore
> feelsbadman.jpg

The saddest part for me is that if I wanted to become a random secretary or a salesman, I would have had a spot. The way things are in my country don't help people to do what they want but force them to have a job that companies need.

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>Try to commission an artist before Halloween
>Want a chibi witch lolita with the words "happy halloween" on it
>Artists ask me what it's for
>Excitedly tell artists that i plan to wear it on a tshirt to a halloween event, and to work
>Was going to use one of those T-shirt transfer sheets and put it on a tshirt myself
>Every artist either upped their price to $150-$700 or stopped responding

In the end, I just ended up getting a black tshirt and having at it with puffy paints.
I lost hope in trying to commission artists, I feel like my honesty screwed me over.
If I DO commission artists in the future, maybe it would be best to lie to them... since trying to be honest has only led to ignored emails and an unreasonable hike in prices.

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>see a dress I want, full set, extremely overpriced
>ask boyfriend to help me out in getting it since the listing is going to end soon and I have to go away for the weekend
>boyfriend is pretty amazing at talking to people, whatever
>he sent her the most cunty sounding message on my account lacemarket ever, about how he researched the dress and it isn't worth the price, she doesn't budge and clearly dislikes me for it
>she lengthens the listing since no one is buying, removes two sets of socks from the full set, has the price drop from $475 for the full set to $325
>I messange her again, asking her to include the socks in the set.
>she tells me she'd have to up the set to $475 if I really want the socks

I gave up, lost out on one of my dream dresses because I just didn't want to buy from her. and lesson was learned to not let my boyfriend handle my cgl emails

I-If anyone has fantastic dolly in ivory with a headbow and socks let me know

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old one >>9186291

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>tfw no classic lolita girlfriend who plays the ukulele

I want to be gay and indie together

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What made you fall in love with lolita?
Also any blog/LJ/...any recommendation for a depressed lolitas?

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I'm so lonely, seagulls. I try my best to be nice and kind but the other girls in my comm are so distant. It feels like none of them really like me, they only tolerate me. My other hobbies are not very social so I feel like I have no other opportunities to make friends. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I feel like I'll never have any friends.

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New feels thread as >>8677977 is autosaging, try to keep it /cgl/ related.

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Is it really unusual for a 22yo to not have any real friends aside from my boyfriend?
I just saw a Kpop video on tumblr and it reminded me of one of my friends who was really hard into kpop who I haven't heard of in a long time. I suddenly feel a deep void because I failed to keep in contact with any of my friends and have nobody aside from my boyfriend to talk to.

Like, I always struggled with keeping friends, but since I'm working full-time I kinda stopped meeting any of them.
I even feel wearing and buying lolita is vain because I don't have friends to meet up with.
I kinda feel really lonely.

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Let's keep it cgl related please! Bring your boyfriend woes to adv ladies.

>Feeling like shit
>feeling like I look like shit
>usually dress up in Lolita and take pictures and maybe go out somewhere when i feel like this to kind of prove to myself that I can look cute I'm just having a bad day or something
>recently had bed bugs and they're gone now but my mom told me to keep all of my clothing that can't be put through the washing machine in the car for it to get hot and kill any bugs that might be on them and then hand wash them and it hasn't been hot enough lately so I can't take my lolita clothes out and wear them yet and I can't pay to get all of them dry cleaned right now
I guess I could dress up in cosplay or something because I just washed all of those in the washing machine but it just doesn't give me the same effect as getting all dressed up in lolita. I always feel the most confident when I am wearing lolita. Plus I can't wear a cosplay out.

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>College is over, nothing to do all summer until uni
>Gain weight
>Bust somehow magically shrinks 6cm
>Waist gets 10cm bigger

mfw I just want to be cute and wear cute dresses

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