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A while ago I left sweet lolita for goth, swore up and down that I'd never wear it again. I ditched it originally because I was going through a lot of external life events and self image issues. I was tired of feeling like I looked like an ~age player~. Now the quarantine hits and the urge to wear kawiwi AP sugar vomit is starting to return. But I'm afraid to go back to sweet after being so vocal about leaving it in the first place. I am a fool.

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>planning honeymoon with fiance
>both of us want to go to Japan
>Was so excited to be able to shop in glorious nippon
>He's supportive of lolita, but doesn't understand why I'd shop on our honeymoon

fuck me man, is there anything to do in the Laforet/Harajuku area for normies? I think if he has something to do he'd be ok with me shopping. I'm not going to Japan and not coming back with burando.

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