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hah, knew it

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>equating spending $10 extra to $90 extra on a $20-$30 tier

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I hope seagull related stuff counts.

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I just started selling on LM a little while ago and there are huge advantatages and disadvantages to using it over other sites like eBay. The biggest advantage is it's more likely you and the buyer "get" each other and are on the level in many ways because you share the same subculture... The greatest disadvantage is it seems like LM users expect not to go about the process in the typical way that you would on other platforms.

Things I wish people would stop doing on LM;
>Pricing things without more of the fees built in
I try to estimate what the paypal and shipping rate will most likely be and build that into the price. I hate buying something and then I get billed separately for the paypal fee, the shipping and then sometimes a third fee for "extra shipping" because they ended up spending more then expected.

>Ask for a discount on an item with less then $10 profit built into the price
I get it; it never hurts to ask. But if I'm shipping something really heavy and weird shape and it's below $30 to begin with, please understand that discounts might flat-out elimpinate any profit. If something is over $100, yes; ask about discounts. If it's 30-40 USD and is the size of a book or larger it's probably rude at that point.

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what country? and what board?

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>who do you fat bitter fucks think you're better than

you, for one

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Can this be a general "pics that sum up /cgl/" thread?

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Yeah sorry I misread and thought you were saying something else, my b
That said
>insults my reading comp and then proceeds to accuse me of being those dumb whiny shitbags who think they're going to stop ita threads

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>tells others they hope they get raped because they responded to them on an anonymous imageboard
Nice, I bet you don't see yourself as a shitposter

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>I am not a gull
You got a trip homie

Why always skinny jeans? Can they not wear tights?

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>literally googled convention button bag
>perfect description for concept I was trying to explain
>suddenly it's my bag

Okay, what? That bag I posted with like.. five different animes on it is no different than ANY of the itabags posted here? The only difference is that my Japanophile obsessed brain sees it as inferior because a Japanese girl isn't toting it.

Alrighty then. Glad to know a $0.15 "SEMES MAKE ME SQUEAL" and "NORMIES SCARE ME" badge set is the same as $25 worth of husbando merch.

>a few years for everybody to be wearing these bags at conventions and you'll decide it's not cool anymore again
Actually I'd be thrilled because I could actually attend itabag meets and swap merch with people? I mean, how fucking cool would that be? Also button bags started out being created BY Western convention goers so... I dunno where you're going with that but no one but you seems to be denying that.

But hey, what do I know since I wasn't the one complaining about how I've been doing this for years and yet got called a weeb for it. Hate to tell you but the moment you wear an itabag to a convention, you're still going to be a weeb and the only one that doesn't seem to get that is you.

Button bags = teen weebs spending $5 on a handful of buttons

Itabags = adult weebs spending $50 on a couple pieces of imported merch

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>You don't get to keep the dress just because she doesn't want the dress returned to her.
So, what?
Should the dress go to a third party?
She doesn't want the dress, anon doesn't get to keep it, so where is it going?
PT didn't even want a partial refund until two days after she closed it.
If she really wanted that partial she should've emailed anon that day and talked to her about the refund. Instead she closed it, left the matter alone for a few days, and then suddenly decided she wanted a payment.
No amount of salt makes this less PTs fault.

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Chill, bruv. We're just here to have a good time, alright? We can't exactly have a decoden thread and then a deco-everything-else thread. If you put beads, whip, or cabos on something then it belongs here.

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joke's on you, i use google images

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