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Ordinary people are going to be turned off by anything out of the ordinary. Your mother and sister want you to fit in with ordinary people to find a proper man. The rest of your family find your clothes a charming novelty. If you're making your money then you should make your own choice, whether it is a good or bad one.
What is London like btw?

These are the men you are giving the time of the day.
No, men are animals. We will fuck anything. Fat women, amputated women, stinky women, goblin-faced women, robot women. Men with options will fuck their type. Men without options will convince themselves that the woman they think they have a chance with is their type. Which is why when you take pity on a bottom feeder and befriend him he will end up wanting to fuck you. Like Chris Chan and that chick from the gaming store he used to go to.
We are quickly tempered as we grow. Our libido chills out some and our spirit is scarred by the world. Not that we can't feel romantic feelings prior to that but we develop a need for another heart to cherish and to complete us at that point. And with it comes the interest in a woman's personality, because we want to spend more time with you and do more than just sex with you.

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