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A thot from my comm joined QAnon and now she wants us all to join. The comm mother wants to dump her ass, but can she be fixed?

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Why pay for sex when you can just jerk off for free and spend your money on cosplay instead?

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Why do girls only approach me when I crossplay?

Do you think a man in drag is less scary or something? Like when black people wear glasses?

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>tfw a D.Va cosplayer rips her tights and you have to be the one to tell her that her bear buns are showing

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If you say the n word at comm, it's wrong even if you are Mexican.

It is wrong to ban girls from comm because they are overweight and/or have pubes. Some of the best lolits I know have pube.

Homestuck after 2012 = Retrad.

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I wanna be one of those guys who sells custom buttons and pins at cons, but I'm worried there's too much competition. And the latter would be really expensive.

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Is it normal for Love Live cosplayers to have boyfriends that don't kiss them?

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>(the speaker makes their way onstage, slowly spinning. The audience applauds.)
>there are two options to be considered. The first being "hit," and the other would, of course, be "miss."
>Now, this is pure speculation, a guess, if you will, but from what I can gather, there has never been a miss, has there?
>(places hand on chin)
>Quick question, how many in the audience tonight has a boyfriend?
>(audience members with boyfriends raise their hand)
>Okay, okay, that's cool. Now, here's where it gets interesting... Looking at the statistics at work here, I can assume with some level of certainty that your boyfriend, in fact, does not in fact kiss you.
>(audience chatters)
>From here, the boyfriend will find another woman.
>(a diagram appears on the screen)
>The vast majority of former boyfriends have told us that, in this newfound relationship, they feel no regret, no longing whatsoever for their previous partner.
>Thank you for coming to my TedTok
>(audience applauds)

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