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If you want to copy that look with the printed sleeves and all, I'd suggest narrowing down your kimono choices to houmongi or tsukesage, they're the ones most likely to have this kind of sleeve painted with motifs. The downside is it's formal wear, so it usually isn't cheap, though you might get lucky with a damaged one. It's much easier to buy a ready-made used kimono and simply tie it higher as per her walkthrough, rather than buy a tanmono and try to make your own short kimono, especially with houmongi/tsukesage usually being laid out differently on a bolt.

It's kind of rare to find normal fabric (ie- not a tanmono) that has the right layout for these kinds of sleeves, and with an all-over pattern the design might be too big or too loud for the monotone effect you want.

If you want to go with a solid colour (black or grey), or a jacquard or some low-contrast patterns, then it might look too boring, as you're basically going to be two large blocks of solid colour with very little interest. But, you can add a little interest by using a colourful collar under the kimono top and adding something colourful to your waist (eg an obijime or a brooch). Sort of similar to this (though I imagine you'd want less contrast than this).

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