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So I've started to notice alot of Korean instagram accounts that are strongly influenced by fairy kei, himekaji and vintagey jfashion styles. Obviously there are Korean girls that buy directly from Japan, such as https://instagram.com/seol_kee?igshid=ca2b6cq1nvll

But there are actual stores popping up too, like these https://instagram.com/sweetpea_doll?igshid=1pmkk7khs4pjw

I know there has always been a few lolita stores, but I didn't know other fashions were catching on. Kfashion has always been feminine and somewhat girly (like chuu) but the stores I posted feel closer to the quirkier, youthful jfashion aesthetic than in the past. They also have their own twist on it, so it feels like an evolved version of past jfashions.

It would be great to hear from anyone whose spent time over there and can comment on what's going with fashion!
Do you guys think that Korea will be the new kawaii/girly fashion innovators? Or has it always been this way and Im just now noticing?

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