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Inb4 "bait", I'd actually really like to have a discussion about this.

Every other street style evoles and changes noticably, except for Lolita.
While oldschool and "newschool" are very different, the change took the best part of a decade. Outside of fleeting trends, change and innovation is so slow. We're so reluctant to accept new standards or ideas. Remember when polka dots were ita? Remember when tights were ita? Remember how it took until brands literally spoonfed us those two ideas that people started accepting them?

This isn't a "screw the ruelz I'm gonna make a bedsheet dress if I want!" thread, I just think it something that would be interesting to discuss. What keeps the fashion so rigid? What do you love/hate about it?

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shit, I didn't realize that image was such poor quality. Also hunchbackin it big time.

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Can we get another one of these going?

Post coords you're putting together, share advice, links, photos, blogs etc.

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I wish twintails looked good on me. I try wearing them and I just end up looking like some sort of fetish model.

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