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I miss cons being relatively small. Like 4,000 people over 3 days small.
You knew everyone there was fan and since we were all so thirsty to talk about this strange hobby everyone talked to everyone.

I also miss knowing everyone made their own shit.
It let me know I was chatting with someone who knew that show backwards and forwards. They had to own the VHS tape/rented it, look for the right scenes, commit that shit to memory or sketch it, go through all the sewing cause either you did it or grandma and grandma was going to fuck it up cause she didn't want her grandbaby showing that much leg, and there was only 1 or 2 cons a year for them so they put serious effort into only a couple costumes.

There was something about that kind of fan that I miss.

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Vintage AZ.
Nadine as Suzaku.

I often wondered what happened to her.

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