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Anon that's doing all the pushups/squats here. I hate you all. I am dying. Too many fats.

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What shoes do you guys recommend for walking that would be suited for gothic lolita. And if any of you bitches tell me to get a car i'll fuck you up.

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Gulls, how do you feel good about wearing things you find pretty? I've had a nice secondhand set laying around, and finally tried to put it on for a special occasion. I felt so ridiculous and stupid when I looked in the mirror that I gave up and took it all off. It feels the same way in normie fashion too. It's so upsetting, and I don't know how to fix it. Sorry if this belongs in the feels thread, but it's more of a stupid question to me than a vent.

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>wait all night for moitie bkw wristcuffs
>get them RIGHT on release
>pay for them with paypal
>booted out of paypal after payment
>an item in your cart is no longer available
>didn't get them, sold out while payment sent
Jesus fuck, what did they only make 1 stock or something? There's no way a whole bunch of people were able to pay faster than me at once. At least the payment got cancelled so I don't have to worry about that but FUCK.

I saw a pic from moitie of the black cross bag charm on the candelabra bag, it still looked different than the original but it's hard to tell sparkly-ness from a photo. If the others are the same then I'll probably just stick to the blue, thanks for your help anon!

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>listen to goth and goth-adjacent music
>love gothic literature
>have a decent moitie collection
>tfw somehow can't pull off goth or gothic lolita
>tfw the closest I get is dark classic

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>go into feels thread hoping its not that bad
>OP is dumb but at least its somewhat animu/weeb shit
>first few posts whatever
>notice multireply comic that is completely off topic
>immediately know the thread is going to be shit after that
I latched onto the first thing I saw. And what about it?
To keep on thread
>moitie releases jewelry again
>its still ugly
Why can't they make actual cute looking jewelry?

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If you guys stop replying to it then maybe it will go away.

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>using ZenMarket
>add like 6 items
>"Being checked by ZenMarket"
>"Hope it's not all sold out by the time they're done checking"
>keep checking every hour or so, no update til next day
>prices and option to buy are finally listed
>double-check the listings
>two items are sold out
>remove them
>immediately the items go back to "Being checked by ZenMarket"
>what the fuck
If I lose out on this summer sale, I will be very sad.

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>tfw items I've wanted to purchase for a long time are available for great prices on LM and other sites
>doesn't feel any joy receiving them because I just want my dream item
I know it's dumb, but I went to a meet recently and a girl was wearing said item and it really hit me just how badly my closet feels empty without it.

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>tfw I love gothic but I don't want to wear crosses
Why can't pagan gothic be a thing

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I'm not near any physical shops, but actively support brands by buying from them at cons. I also buy from Baby SF. The prices are higher, but it's important to show Baby that lolitas in the Americas support them.

>A little thigh isn't that big a deal as long as it's in proportion to the rest of the coordinate. Underskirts are usually ugly af, especially with sweet and almost always with AP.

>New moitie fans have me salty; I like that, for quite awhile, gothic has been the least popular primary substyle. I can't wait to compete with a new generation of GL babybats for new releases and older pieces.

>Not all individual similar posts in rapid succession are samefagging and it's as annoying as the constant caw caw of 'vendetta' and /r9k/ nonsense.

>Speaking of /r9k/, we shouldn't have to tolerate them or the other crossboarders who shitpost. It's one thing to have a different opinion and another to post stuff that crosses the line into hate speech.

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>tfw 3F bonnet won't stay on
>post in stupid questions thread asking how to keep it on
>no replies
>pin it on as best as i can
>go coffee in the afternoon with lolita friend
>laughing at something stupid
>bonnet falls off and knocks over my coffee
The bonnet is OK, but I got a lapful of coffee on a fucking ivory colourway. Kill me now.

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How is it rude? Is it not a brolita? This is the only picture I have seen of them so excuse me, I didn't mean to imply it was trans.

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Has anyone got, or seen, anything pretty recently?

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Another update, most of the extra slots have been filled but they'll be sending out a few more acceptance emails (maybe the last of them?) tomorrow.

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I can't rejoin now because the link expired.
I don't think I'm a drama monger at all because I hardly post online anyways and avoid drama at all costs
When the link pops up again I guess I'll join again, but who knows when that'll be and I catch it on time.

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It's been over 48 hours and my buyer on lacemarket still hasn't even read my message asking for their paypal. I just want to get rid of this dress ffs. I'm tempted to leave neutral feedback because they're so slow.

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I wanna hang out with gulls and make friends to do shit with, but I'm so awkward it's pointless. I'm also fat and more goth than lolita and the stuff i wear is handmade or off brand so no decent lolita comm would accept me. Feels shitty

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I hate how in January lolitas run back to livejournal just to post their wardrobes. It's annoying because everyone claims LJ is dead and there's no proper replacement for it, but when its time for wardrobe posts people come out of the wood works just so they can brag under the guise of ~detail shots and sharing~.

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