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Finally ordered tickets ahead of time, so I am actually planning on having a cosplay together this time around. I've got a few idea in mind, so it is a matter of what will be the most fun (and the most reasonable to make). The most fun at cons for me is just meeting people, so as long as people are hanging around the bar in the evening, I'll consider it a con worth going to. I'm planning on being there Friday and Saturday, but I'm close enough to DC that I'll try to go home instead of getting a hotel room. Although, knowing how things go, I'll probably end up bumming floor space off someone to sleep through the night if it comes to that.
Well, I'll be going so that is one guest that isn't pointless :)
I'll be happy if they have a ton of SDVX machines again, since I can spend hours just playing those. Last year it was especially easy since I only ever had to wait for one or two people to get through their plays before another machine would open up. I can imagine that some of the popular games would have massive lines, though. Project Diva is always one that comes to mind since there are usually only one or two booths + it is a popular game + the songs are usually full length so a single play can be around 10 minutes.

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