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you don't have to be a frumpy prude to recognize this as a garbage, low-effort """cosplay""". the fact that you fucks can't defend your opinion in any way aside from calling people fatties really says something.

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>mfw this entire argument

Thanks guys! The right one was my original plan, but I kinda felt like it was nice to break up all the similarly colored things. And I find it kinda funny one of you mentioned the card borders, since I was really thinking on covering them with a thin washi tape to bring more blue into the bag

Also, are any of you guys going to MAGfest? I'd love to have a meetup there!

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>le sweet looks like ageblay!1! maymay xD

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go away! his comics were ugly and unfunny the first time and they still are the 10th time you posted this.

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I've gone since 2011 and it really is the same stuff every year. After you have gone the first two years, the only reason to continue attending is to see friends. It's usually the same panels, same artists, same broken down escalators.

Cosplay talent is a wide spectrum. You have a lot of babbys first con-goers but then there are people that bring their A game. It's not Katsucon or Otakon but for Carolinas it's the best con you're gonna get.

Here's hoping they have decent guests this year.

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>if she dressed up like that she clearly wants attention and does it for me!1!

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Oh for fuck's sake. I'm going to wear my calfskin boots while eating an extra steak tonight just for you, preachy vegan anon. Please stop derailing because you're helping nothing.

ngl I thought for a second that this was himezawa. Anyway I see what she was going for but pegnoirs never seem to work with lolita do they? If she dropped it this would be so much better.

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We already had that discussion here, and there is no such thing as too old for cosplay.

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There's a difference between posting an opinion on one or two coords in the thread but replying to each posted image and writing an opinion is obnoxious. Space it out for christs sake.

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I'm particularly salty after work today, so I'll share

>Be me in 8th grade, one of those "I'm not like other girls" kind of people, not at all subtle about my power level
>Friends are mostly band kids, and there's a 6th grader, we'll call him Peter
>Peter finds out I like anime and immediately becomes my friend, which I didn't mind at first because I'd just learned to deal with my anxiety/depression and lost most of my old friends because of it
>"Well, he's into anime so it can't be that bad, right?"
>Have another friend we'll call Jasper, who I was really close with
>We were both weebs, but relatively casual about it so it was fun
>Peter would constantly interrupt Jasper/try to force his way into our conversations
>"Hey, Anon, you know what your name would be in Japanese?"
>Literally my name pronounced with an engrish accent
>Became his friend recently after the release of Pokemon HGSS, so I was super into that
>Peter would hover and watch me play while constantly being over-critical of how I played, telling me I was using the wrong moves/etc
>One day, Jasper comes in really upset
>Jasper has a borderline emotionally abusive relationship with her grandmother, and her grandmother essentially called her ugly/greasy, constantly mentions that Jasper will be the reason she dies
>I'm sitting alone with her, trying to console her
>Peter comes up and acts like nothing is even going on, constantly asking "how the otakus are doing" and trying to bring up dumb weeby shit
>I snap at him because obviously Jasper is extremely upset and doesn't want to hear his bullshit
>"W-Why do all the otakus hate me" and he skulks off
>For some goddamn reason forgive him later because I don't like being mean/hurting feelings at such a young age

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Or that this pic has been posted multiple times in the ita threads and it's a consensus that it's a fucking nitpick.

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>Anything Jessica Nigri related
>Default Yoko (Yoko has so many pretty outfits, get creative!)
>Default Miku
>Black Butler
>Katrina from LoL
Trying too hard, guy.
Is KH still popular at conventions? I swear, it feels like it's been forever since I've seen a org13 member at a con.

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