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You have no idea what it’s like.

(Couldn’t find the “why are these not fun anymore” one sorry.)

Did people have fun? See some frens? Job done.

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God I'm trying to be so hopeful for future Magfests but honestly you guys are probably right on the money

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my mother just shamed me for eating. she saw me open a can of tuna and she glared at me and said "i thought you were going to take a shower." thanks for the free meanspo, mom. i should've known that telling them about my little "diet" last night was a grave mistake. they were so proud of me. now i can't eat. they'll never take me to my favorite restaurants ever again. i'm the skinny one in a big fat family, i have to set an example. i'm a shining star in a sea of darkness.

i miss hot chocolate on a cold day. i miss the smell of my dad's freshly baked cookies wafting through the halls. i miss buttered, flaky croissants. i miss biscuits. i miss bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. i miss greasy fried chicken. i miss sodium-loaded microwavable noodles from 7/11. i miss ice cream sundaes. i miss grilled cheese. i miss bagels. i miss cheesy deep-dish pizza. i miss burgers with cheddar and mayo and ketchup and onions. i miss milkshakes. i miss french fries. i miss hot dogs. i miss spaghetti and meatballs. i miss mac n' cheese. i miss it all so much. maybe i can have it again, someday. but right now, i don't deserve to eat.

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I have spent over $500 on makeup in the past 3 months

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By the time most of you hit 30+, jfashion, particularly Lolita fashion, will be irrelevant.

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>be me
>be wage slave working at cold stone
>two lesbians in doll clothes walk in
>lesbian #1 goes to bathroom
>lesbian #2 grabs other lesbians' spoon and succs the slobber off

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