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>it's a fucking real wedding

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This was last year and I oh boy what a mistake.
I commissioned this girl over in Germany to make a Cammy cosplay but in her Lord Bison costume.
She had really good reviews and her prop work looked really good.
>oh it'll be $250 for everything and I'll have it done in three months!
Three months go by then another then another.
She kept saying she was busy or sick which I understand.
I think I waited for six to seven months for her to send it out.
The only thing I can say was genuinely decent about it was the cap, everything was rushed together and cheaply done.
The Cape was held to the top by one bead and the overall sewing was really half assed. When I tried to tell her about my complaints she ghosted me. I've never had anything Commissioned before and because of this I probably won't ever again

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