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I can't imagine why posting a country-tan would be /pol/. I love cute anime girls, and especially Orangina-tan.

But honestly, are you some kind of tranny roleplayer? You sound like you've never broken in a shoe in your whole life. My advice to you is simple:
>Buy a cute high quality leather shoe
>Wear it at short intervals of walking
>Meaning don't throw out your 'day-shoes'
>If your feet break, remember the shoe does too
>Wait until your feet heal, knowing the shoe does not
>When at full health, wear the shoes again
>Break them down little by little
>Soon enough the leather becomes soft
>Most comfy shoes ever, literally shaped by your feet

Enjoy your cute shoes Anon! This is 100% failsafe with leather shoes, but works at some extent at all materials.

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