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>at the shops with some friends
>wearing toned down casual lavender coord
>fatigue easily due to an illness
>"its okay anon just take a rest" and friends go into a nearby shop
>browsing Instagram, keeping quality to myself for several minutes
>dude walks up
>too tired to try and make conversation. Say this but he doesnt seem to care
>havent looked up from my phone hoping he'll take the hint
>he starts trying harder to get my attention
>keeps saying cringe pick up lines, laughing at said pick up lines, carrying on a one sided conversation with himself
>finally had enough
>look at him to tell him to fuck off
>see his face
>He looks like a literal child
>Ask him his age
>hes 15
>"Did you think I was 15 too?"
>slow, confused nod
>mfw I'm 24

Sure I wanna be kawaii but I would also like to be an adult thanks
Baby face is a curse

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