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You didn't look hard, did you? What the other anon said. Mask is needed, then it's fine. Gloves also help. Also goddamn no bare chest. That kills it. For shit that is inhuman more skin is worse. Unless you are like those IG make-up pros.

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So they announced the vendors and artists, as well as panels. I'm not sure about the schedule because it's still a bit sparse, but half the contents are also TBA so I'm confused. This seems like they may have sent it out a week too early? But then again, they sent out a schedule two whole weeks before the convention. When has that happened recently?

Got into the costume masquerade though, and they spot you a free 3 day badge too. Not a bad trade considering it's 70 dollars now worth of value. Most other conventions I entered the contest in were less giving.

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