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There's a saying. "You can't outrun a bad diet". In essence, you aren't going to lose weight with exercise. You just aren't. Remember that.

You diet to lose weight. You exercise to get fit.

If you want to lose weight you need to understand calories and calorie density.

The short version is - for most women - eating 2000 calories a day means no weight change. Eating 500 more or less a day means you will gain or lose one pound that week.

Prioritise foods that will fill you up and sate you with the minimum calories and you will do well. When i was losing weight i practically lived off of soups and yoghurts, which are both high in water content and thus make you feel filled up for less.

That said, also remember that it really doesnt much matter what you eat. You just need to keep to your calorie count.

I personally dont much recommend trying to get fit while dieting at the same time. Exercise will make you hungrier, and make it more difficult to calculate calorie expenditure. It can absolutely be done, and might even be the optimum route, but i find that losing weight is already so difficult to many people that the simpler you make it (generally) the easier it is to keep to a plan. Restricting yourself to 1500 calories a day is waaaay easier than dealing with hunger pangs and the temptation of those super high sugar gym smoothies.

Last of all, the most important part of dieting is to learn to adjust your habits. If you've gained weight, especially if youve done so quickly, it means that you've been overeating pretty consistently (going back to the whole +500 calories a day for a week thing). Once you learn to recognise calories and portions properly, you will probably figure out how or on what you've been overeating. Adjust your behaviour properly and youll find it easy to maintain your ideal weight.

> TLDR - most diets fail because people dont understand how calories work, and dont understand calorie counting is essential to losing weight.

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