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Also accessories, but rather than wristcuffs I lean towards hair accessories and brooches

- lace chokers and bracelets (just put flat ribbon clasps on the ends and decorate the middle so it looks nice)
- trim matching bows
- trim a matching headband (if there's enough of it)
- trim a matching bag with it, especially if you have a fair amount of leftover fabric too (I like to use the print fabric as lining and use a heavier solid fabric as the outside, so the set doesn't look too 'homemade')
- if you make a simple flat bag (and trim it with the lace) you can hang it off your hanger and put the matching headbows, detachable bits and bobs that go with the dress in it so the set is always kept together.
- make brooches out of it (you don't need to make them like pic related, if you have enough, just make them like rosettes, using lace instead of ribbon, and glue something into the centre of it)
- For that matter you could make a lace rose and use it however.
- if you have the right amount and the lace is the right shape, you can glue it to a hair pin or barette, and then glue other things on top of it.

You don't really need to use up every single bit of lace to match the dress -- there's only so many matching bows and headbands and brooches that you can put with a dress. Save up the rest, the next time you make a dress that needs a lace brooch you can pull out your stash and use them up.

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