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1.The Parlor doll OP set
2.Milky Planet
3.Probably worse, they did kinda redeem themselves with the Lyrical bunny parlor dress tho but I can't imagine it continuing
I wish they'd do a MTO re release for milky-chan and toy parade already so I don't have to deal with the second hand market.

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>Lets normalize not mindlessly buying new stuff whilst you don't take time to wear certain things in your wardrobe, normalize not mindlessly consuming, normalize financial responsibility.

This should really be talked about more honestly. I'm not a poorfag but mindless buying stuff just makes me depressed. And I know a couple people that do it often and still have the audacity to complain about not having any money. The brand itas that don't realize that you can't buy taste make me the saddest tho kek

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C'mon AP give us something good

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oof, I really like this print, especially in the white colorway, but I absolutely hate polkadots...

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The topic of weight and size comes up often in other threads, so let's have a specific place to discuss weight, body shape, sizes and weight loss. Feel free to answer these questions, add more or write freely about your thoughts on these topics.

>How do you feel about the current sizing in lolita? Are you happy with them the way they are or should they be changed? Should brands offer pieces in several sizes?
>How do you feel about alterations to make pieces bigger or smaller?
>Do you think there is a bias towards smaller lolitas or a stigma towards bigger ones? If so, do you think people are doing it consciously? Do you think it's warranted?
>What is your body shape and how do you dress to flatter your body shape in lolita?
>Have you ever skipped out on buying or wearing a dress you liked because of it's size or because it was unflattering for your body shape?
>What are some tips for bigger lolitas to dress better and more comfortably?
>What are some weight loss tips for fellow lolitas?
>Do you use lolita as a motivation for weightloss? Do you think it's a healthy mindset?
>Would you like to share your weightloss story, if you have one? How did it impact your relationship with the fashion?

Remember not to single out or shame individuals, let's keep the discussion respectful and general.

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>trying to explain lolita to twitter teens and users

A moment of silence for the lolitas trying to educate them

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I'm so relieved that the tech company I work at (I'm an independent contractor) has offered to pay me my full wage until we reopen. I was so worried about losing my job and having to sell some of my lolita wardrobe to pay for rent. I'm a former NEET so I barely have enough savings to last me a few months. This is some scary shit.

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>buy heavily stained brand for crazy cheap
>Stains comes right out

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Update: Based seller had my back.

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here ya go, gull

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>tfw have a lolita gf
>tfw nobody ever believes we're dating because I'm a tall goth/classic and she's a short sweet
I love my gf but sometimes I wish we matched as well as these girls. We live together and can't even share a closet

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My dream dress slipped away right before my eyes. So, so close... I’m pretty heartbroken...

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I feel you anon, I’m also a lolita that listens to death metal. People tend to double take when I’m head banging while wearing AP

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Honestly that's as good a defense as you'e going to get. Good luck deal with that.

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I hope your cat feels better soon.
If you start selling the bat charm hmu. I'd like one with the moon in a solid color

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Most Japanese lolitas seem to quit when they get married and have kids. I hope Misako keeps going, but I'm not feeling optimistic about it.

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My shitty wayfair chest of drawers collapsed this week. All my stuff is in IKEA bags on the floor until I can find a new chest of drawers. I'm trying to stay sane, but I hate this. It's a fucking nightmare

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There's a really pretty girl in my comm whom I met recently at a meetup. I took some outfit shots and she sent me a message asking for hers. She referred to her face as ugly in the message... I thought she was one of the cutest girls I've ever seen in lolita. Maybe she was just being modest but she sounded serious about it. I know most people never see themselves the way they truly are, I hate pics of myself too, but I feel really sad now. I still think she's incredibly cute, I wish she could see it too.

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>For the last few months, I spot for a day after every time I orgasm
>Also get a weird mild cramping feeling
>Have stopped masturbating and can only give my boyfriend blowjobs, leaving me very sexually frustrated
>Occasionally give in and do it, but regret it afterwards
>Scared my IUD might be perforating me or something horrible
>Stopped wearing lolita for fear of blood before I figured out why I kept bleeding seemingly randomly.
>Haven't started wearing it again since I've basically become a shut in after this problem.
I know I should go to my gynae, but I can't afford to. I'm really uncomfortable and I can't even talk to anyone irl about it. Has anyone here had this happen before?

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No... But I can still dream, right?

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