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easy mode: any AP muumuu dress

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So I just recently bought AP's re-release of the One Piece of Wrapping Ribbon, partly because it was the only thing that would fit me at my local loli shop and partly due to the store owner's urgings that "it looks great and is totally flattering!~"

Now I'm not so sure if she really meant it or was just trying to make a sale but I'm suspicious due to reading around a bit and finding countless people stating that this type of style is really unflattering on Fatty-chans and just makes them look fatter.

For the record, I'm a Fatty-chan, I don't know my exact measurements but I'm between a 5'1-5'3 and without clothes I weigh around 155 lbs with double D sized boobs. My body type isn't naturally fat though, I had and still have an hourglass shaped figure, I just put on the weight through my teen years due to my addiction to all things sweet. (Wouldn't ya know it I have the same type of taste in clothes like I do in food, lol!)

So knowing all this was the store owner in fact lying to me about the Wrapping Ribbon OP looking good on me? Is it a lost cause? Would it look better if I invest in a matching belt and make sure the petti I have for it is A-line? Is there any saving this with my size short of losing weight?

Any advice/tips from fellow fatty-chans on how they would make baby doll style work would especially be much appreciated!

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