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>Tfw not attractive enough to be sexually assaulted

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>Tfw cosplay and lolita GFs are on backorder.

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>Ywn be gently dominated by a conservative military lolita
It just keeps getting worse.

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>confidence up after lifting for a few years
>almost at goal weight for star ocean dio
>still have very obvious scarring on my arms
>tried mederma, dermablend, still noticeable

I don't like it.

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>Tfw pneumonia

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Judges who think that this shit can fly need to be shot into space.
Just imagine being one of the participants in those bullshit contests.

>Pour your heart and soul into into a cosplay from a series that you love for months in the off time that you have between work and school
>Lots of average people show up, but some others that put a lot of effort in
>You'll probably not win, but at least that guy who really sunk some hours into foam sculpting will win, so good on him
>Everyone loses to a League/Dota/Overwatch cosplayer with huge tits and a legion of Instagram fanboys

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