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>Con held at a really nice location
>Well, really the basement of what could've been a nice location
>No signs anywhere pointing to where FrostCon was in the large hotel, except for one older lady sitting next to a set of escalators with hanging out small Frostcon flyers
>A dark, packed basement making for horrible photos and people just sitting down hanging out leading one again to Lobbycon
>$5 coatcheck which was essentially paying to throw your coat onto a pile of coats. Not secured whatsoever, if people had a ticket, they could go through any jackets
>People would try to go to the upper floors to get pictures by the hotel's waterfall display, which had much better light. One by one hotel staff would kick Frostcon patrons back down to the basement
>Photographers now are lugging their lighting equipment to the basement and setting up there. It now becomes even more overcrowded with with multiple photoshoot setups taking up space in the already-crowded dark basement.
>Hotel was being shared with a pharmaceutical convention on the upper floors and management was trying hard to not let attendees cross paths
>Eventually later on in the day, Frostcon had to share the basement with ANOTHER function, losing much more of the Lobbycon space it had.
>Some kind of formal function, and now middle aged people in formal attire were all making their way to the basement, crossing paths with all the Homestucks. There were confused patrons everywhere
>What >>8092078 said, panels seemed dead empty
>At the end of the day one of the staff members at the table desperately asks me if I want to buy a hat. It's a shitty blue knitted hat
>"It's official Frostcon colors! Only $15!"

It was a good sign to go. Eventually hotel staff kinda quit trying to cattle heard all attendees downstairs, so people eventually were able to move back up to the upper floors to take some pictures. Definitely not worth paying for, I don't think I ever saw anyone checking badges ever as well

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