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>See some lolita sitting at a tea party
>"Hey, you look tired."
>ask skinny nerds where their boyfriends are
>they can't get mad at me because it'd make them look homophobic
>purposely purchase drinks and leave them open topped and too close to table edges
>on off costume days, go into the bathroom and lock a stall from the inside before sliding to the next and repeating before leaving through another stall.
>see some chubby girl trying to pull off thigh highs
>"Wow, have I seen you before? Your diet must really be helping you fit into those now, I'm proud of you."
>Going no panties to make gull bf's waver
>Complain to security that X cosplayer across the room is harassing women before leaving in a huff on the last day.

Heh, nothing personnel.

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