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I thought 2018 had gone really quickly and been an uneventful meme year, but I've thought about it and it's actually been a big deal for me.

>Start year in a weird relationship with the guy who dumped me at Christmas for being too quiet.
>Suicidal for a while.
>Quit shitty job that I hate and start a much better, happier job.
>Move out of home for the first time into my own house.
>Start taking dance lessons and actually perform in front of 250+ people.
>Cut off a lot of toxic people.
>Tell ex to fuck off properly.
>Meet somebody who is actually amazing.
>Rent my spare room to an exchange student for 3 months.
>Rescue and raise a tiny kitten.
>Save and buy a lot of expensive machinery for my sewing/store.

I'm sure that there's more. I just feel like I'm actually happy and 'myself' for the first time.

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