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I asked Devilinspired to refund my order a week ago as they couldn't get the items and they still haven't done it

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>be me one year ago
>find a wishlist dress on sale
>seller slowly discounts item
>wait for it to drop some more
>seller suddenly decides to increase the price again
>offer to buy it at higher price (still below retail)
>seller inactive
>silently screaming, but eventually accepts reality
>this year
>same seller relists the same item for higher than retail
reduce your price already goddamit

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Where do you buy brand lace-topped UTKs or knee-socks? Every brand I've checked, they're out of stock in the colors I'd like, and they never pop up secondhand.
Everyone recommends meta's, but meta doesn't even have them for sale, just OTKs.
Where the hell do people get these god damn socks?

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Im high off cold medicine, my b senpai i swear i did a scan of the thread

>This is the reason mana drinks im sure

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>tfw tall (182cm) and overweight
I'm cursed

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>tfw you order something and it isn't at your doorstep in 5 minutes

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>see bf the next day for movie and tried to have a good night
>he’s miserable, refuses to make any improvements (exercise, not eat shit, stop being spoiled about work), just says he has gf so he’s good but says I’ll probably leave him
>feels even worse, always told myself I wouldn’t date someone like that, also upset about last comment because he left me before and forgets about that
>try to make him feel better, tell him that I always turn down guys for him because I don’t want to leave and love only him
>didn’t want to tell him about friend but he gets it out of me then gets more upset
>kinda proposes because of this, nonchalantly says we’re gonna get married and reminds me he has access to a ring
>just want to kms at this point
>go out with childhood friend again, amazing time but get word vomit and tell him everything bad that’s happened, he’s okay with it and helps me (unlike bf)
>go home after that and cry again, process repeats, parents, bf, school
>can’t stop thinking about friend, just lie and bed and stare at phone waiting for him to reply
>I don’t want to feel like this, I feel like a horrible bitch, haven’t eaten or slept in 4 days
>top it all off and lolita-related, violet blue had a shit ton of cheap fucking moitie and I miss it all
Should I just an hero at this point? I hope friend doesn’t lurk here because that will be even worse but I don’t have anyone else to talk to and I need to get it out

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Same here. But instead of Japan, I'd like to move to South Korea or Hong Kong and work there.
My boyfriend is amazing and so kind to me and is absolutely perfect, but he won't move anywhere that isn't a few states away. I'd feel like shit for just ditching him like that. And I know I won't be dating anyone in an Asian country especially as a foreigner because the men there are shitty.
Feels bad.

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>do commissions for brand money
>sometimes porn, sometimes just random shit for people
>get a dress today i bought using the money i earned
>"how'd you afford this dress?" my mother says
>tell her it's none of her business but i draw for people and they pay me
>"you must just have a sugar daddy or are some online prostitute"
>no, fuck off, i literally just do art
>"why can't i see this art?"
>because it's confidential to people unless they want it shared
>mother still believes that i'm a camwhore or a sugar baby
>tfw she can never let me do something remotely independent without thinking i'm doing something 'wrong'

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>plan fun meetup with comm for saturday, really excited
>tell family date and time 2 weeks in advance so they know i'll be busy (i usually hang out with parents on weekends)
>yesterday mom calls me, tells me that i have to go to a family event 3 hours away that day, no way to get out of it
>i won't be able to go to my own meetup

it's too late to change the date for the meet because I already made reservations and such. I'm just really annoyed and frustrated because ive been planning and looking forward to this meet for weeks and now I can't go because my mother didn't bother to check the calendar. I feel so petty to be angry over this but it's so disappointing.

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>bought dress a few months ago
>didn't fit me, altered it slightly
>still doesn't fit me
>realize now that it's not really my style
I'm working hard on losing weight, so I'm not sure if I should keep it and hope I fit it when I'm thinner, or if I should sell it despite it being altered.
I also just don't think it's something I'd ever wear.
I hate to sell it, I feel like because it's altered, nobody will want it. But it feels like a waste just sitting in my closet. I'd price it super cheap. But I'm so torn.. I feel like it'd be a waste of time to sell it, nobody's going to want an altered piece even if it's like brand for 40$.
Do you think someone would buy it if I sold it? It's not like the alteration is major, just seams have been taken out.

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>wants a lolita gf
>also wants metal/math rock gf

Gulls here's the predicament now

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Every one of these girls is an awful phase I had to go through to learn how to coord. Make it stop.

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>tfw fucking Claire has more followers than me
>time to kms

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>tfw will never be Voldie's girlfriend

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>at my local con
>lot of lolitas, maybe there where a meet up between them
>It's a nice time to talk with them since I would like to join a com when I would have more time.
>all of them are mostly brolita/ transwoman in lolita, maybe it's due to the huge amount of lgbt peoples in my city. The only lolita women where like really young " baby lolita" probably first timer .
>talk with one of the "brolita" ask them if the comm is great
>they try to say the mentality changed in a good way
>" ah, there is not more "ita" stuff ?"
>meant the " hi hi hi, look she is so much of an ita, let's shit talker in her back and sucking her dick when we see her irl " mentality
> see that I triggered him because I doesn't know how to express myself like a human being
>keep seeing dudes having brand, nice ott coord but without makeup and walking like gorilla
>look like middle age truck drivers in lolita

maybe I'm not going to join a com after all.

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>finally find the lolita lesbian gf of my dreams
>we both love the same brands and styles
>she is perfect
>we date for several months
>me and her start growing distant because of school, work, and my health issues
>decide to take a break so that we can kind of start fresh once everything has settled down
>find out that she's already dating someone else and doesn't love me anymore, one month later despite promising to get back together with me and i promised the same
>back to tfw no lolita gf
I've been talking to new people to maybe get my mind off of it and 'move on', yet I feel really guilty. I feel like I can't trust girls anymore in relationships, this always happens. At least the men I've dated are total incels who don't know how to talk to girls so they won't run off with someone else so quickly..
My mindset right now is just that if she's abandoned me, I might as well start seeing new people already... which I am already back on the dating scene. I don't think my feelings towards her have changed but I feel like I should just hate her for the lies she told me about "I'll wait for you forever, I love you so much!" There's no point in being sad over it, but I hate being alone and single. By next week I'll have a rebound relationship.
>why am i like this

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>heart thump at being called "sweetie" even while being rejected
I'm a girl, I can even p-prove it for you...

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I've only browsed for meta on lolibrary so far. Do they consistently bring out stuff with more forgiving shirring? I could probably get as low as 77~78cm at the waist if I lose a few more kg, but my huge ribcage is always in the way. I basically can't wear dresses that don't stretch to 82cm at the waist.

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There's something wrong with me. Whenever a manga I love gets an anime, I get bitter about it because I know it'll become a "flavor of the month" anime. Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card, Yurucamp, etc. I've loved CCS since I was 11 and I read Yurucamp a million times when the first chapter came out. I should be happy to see them flourish and get popular (again, in CCS's case), but I feel my mind is being invaded by these grubby selfish "yer not a real fan" emotions. I never ride the waves of popularity -- I really, truly love them and I hate that others will only ride the hype train. I shouldn't waste my energy on this, but GODDAMN does it make me sour.

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