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First non brand was a bodyline skirt I bought secondhand for way too much money.

First brand was innocent world's rose stained glass skirt. It was what convinced me to stay in the fashion.

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Nothing about this is art nouveau... but it does vaguely resemble a lampshade, I suppose. Sort of reminds me of those window cling things

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My rose stained glass skirt! It was the first piece of brand I ever bought and it totally changed how I thought about the fashion.

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IW's Rose Stained glass skirt All the worn pics I've seen are of the JSK.

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Won an auction for IW's rose stained glass skirt. Should arrive sometime this week.

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Rose Stained Glass skirt up in LSE for $150. I think its Bordeaux and I think it's the long version but the seller hasn't specified.

I'm not sure if everyone else was hanging out for the JSK too. I'm so tempted to get it (preferred colourway/length) but I don't really wear skirts.

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