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>the old days weren't as good or as stylish as you remember

There is a certain look the fashion had back then, and I understand nostalgia gives everything a rose tinted glow. But there weren't less itas back then. There were still lolitas who clout chased, who sought out efame and popularity. I know cgl hates the current state of social media, but you guys were just as angry and bitter in 2008 and 2009.

Related to this...
>We've been having the same debates, discussions and arguments for over 10 years

Sweet lolita is ageplay! OTT is for attention whores! You can't wear the fashion if you're fat! Brand is better than taobao! Meetups suck! I heard a rumor that [insert efamous lolita of the month] is a bitch/ageplayer/scammer/whore/photoshops her photos!"

Which brings me to the conclusion
>The western lolita community will never be a big unified group
The internet is too large, alternative fashion is more mainstream than it was in the Livejournal years, and lolita is easy to purchase. There is no need to be a part of the western comm for any reason right now, you can just wear the clothes and mind your business.

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the current unpop opinion thread is for cosplay so heres a jfashion one

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My angelic pretty print wishlist
>waffles and breakfast (or just a honey cake re-release)
>Pomeranians or other cute fluffy dog
>Soda or maybe even mixed drink themed
>Neapolitan ice cream

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>Lose 30 lbs, quit drinking beer (hello vodka soda)
>Buy more lolita shoes and socks
>Save money better
>Take an evening course in millinery after I finish my degree
>Sew for myself more
>Improve my cooking/cook with less oil/maintain my vegan diet without losing out on nutrients

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UGHH, like I typed pages and pages and pages and was worried I'd be annoying, linked my tumblr, my pinterest, my etsy... So many options for my people.. Ill do my best, I just don't want to disappoint someone.

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This is amazing and adorable but
>Tfw when you're trying to be less of an alchy and you know that wearing a dress with cute forest creatures and delicious wine won't help

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How I am a bad lifestyler:

>I prefer being lazy
I like looking pretty and getting dressed up, but the clothes aren't comfortable. The moment I get home I take off the frills and change into something comfortable so I can relax and eat food. As much as I would love to live the dainty princess life where I always wear something cute and and always dolled up, I am just like Yukino from Kare Kano. A total phony.

>I don't like sweets.
I love spicy messy chicken wings, nachos, all kinds of dip and other unladylike and unlolita foods. And I do like to drink tea, I don't drink it nearly as much as the lolita lifestyle would suggest. And I don't use a teacup, I make it in some corny mcdonalds mug from the 90s with microwaved water.

>I don't like classical music
I listen to jpop and kpop sure, but I can't tell you what music is made by Bach or Beethoven. I prefer to throw on some Childish Gambino, Kanye or Tech N9ne.

>Period dramas are cool but gore is cooler
You can only watch Marie Antoinette 2006 and Amelie so many times. I'd rather watch Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, or other dark show rather than a quiet drama.

other reasons
>I swear
>I'm pretty lewd and have a rauncy sense of humor
>I like going out to bars and nightlclubs
>I don't know how to sew, or knit

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