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>tfw package cleared Russian customs on the 12th and hasn't updated since
I'm so sorry giftee. I didn't think this would happen.

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I guess a followup from the last thread.

I was actually kicked out of my comm, because my boyfriend insulted trannies that called him a bigot after they flirted with him (even after knowing that he was my boyfriend, and they weren't even close enough friends with me for it to even be considered a joke).

Soon as it happened, during the meet apparently all three of them went straight to complain to our organizer over DM's, and got their friends to jump in on the hate wagon. Afterwards, when I decided to message to say what happened it was already too late. They couldn't do any bad, because they are oppressed mentally ill wackjobs. Flirting with my boyfriend is doing no wrong, apparently. I can't blame her too much though. Knowing how these people are, if she didn't take their side she would have to deal with the venomous tranny community.

It was actually really fucking funny, they tried to give me an ultimatum of breaking up with my BF of 4 years or be ex communicated.

Anyways, my boyfriend is sorry for what he did. That's all that matters. And now I went from being careless about trannies in the community to very much wishing they did not exist.

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>not sure if serious or copypasta

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>more lolita arrives
>immediately add it to the closet
>right alongside the rest of the unworn dresses
>tfw they'll only get worn once this year
>tfw already looking at more prints

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I'm going to a con with my roommates and two of them keep trying to pressure the third one into doing one of their old closet cosplays. I know the third roommate is lazy but the other two don't even think she should wear a wig at all, even though she got (rightfully) self conscious for doing a really, really bad no-wig homestuck cosplay the last time we went to a con.
Despite this, I don't want to say she shouldn't do this because I'm the only one who is for sure not cosplaying (I don't have enough free time to make one so I'm just wearing an old lolita coord one day and calling it good) and I feel like I'd come off as someone ruining the "fun" of it for my own miserable sake.

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That God awful age play fucken skirt just ruined my favorite shirt for me.

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>go on Fril with promise of old non-prints being cheap and abundant
>find nothing but 10+ set bulk listings of Baby shopping bags and AP hangers

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>Will UTKs ever make a comeback?
For me they're always been here, since OTKs always hit me UTK

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>tfw sent request to join CoF months ago
>still not accepted

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>tfw really love that black lacy or velvet old school dresses
>tfw 5'11
>tfw 90+ bust

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>going to /soc/ or even interacting with the people who post there
I hope you don't post there. Easily the most disgusting part of 4chan.

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>parents leave me a large amount of money
>I make my income from investing
>never leave the house, only leave to go to cons
>i order Ouji and Aristo clothing
>never wear it outside
>wardrobe worth almost 15k

I can't answer the phone without panicking, gulls. I'm as pale as a vampires ass, and I have all my food delivered to my door.

On a good feeling note, I bought a girl her dream dress in the friend finder thread. Her reaction was amusing.

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Your desperation disgus me.

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>tfw when cgl kind of feels like that it went to shlt
>all those summer fag just creating new thread just to post one question and not using the help thread
>all the new fags that come to feels thread and don't post green text feel story instead filling it with paragraph of white text life update of I don't give a up

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