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Sorry if this is /pol/ but my god this outfit is adorable. I was always told it was a sin to mix blue with black (black stockings) but it's so cute here. I don't really do lolita (too fussy to be practical) but I love school uniform style outfits (not strictly just nanchatte). I can't find decent shoes that are comfortable but would also match this. Usually I end up wearing cute sneakers (current pair are light pink, polo assn) with a skirt or dress. I want to dress in cute outfits but whenever I do the back of my heels will bleed. Why do women's shoes have to be uncomfortable torture devices? Men get comfy dress shoes that are okay to walk around in, but women's shoes are all fashion over function, and the "comfort" styles are ugly as shit grandma wear. Women have more shoes in stores than men but they're all uncomfortable junk that will leave you bleeding and miserable after 1/4 a mile. I want to be cute but I also need to walk several miles a day! It's driving me crazy.
Do you think white tennis shoes would look bad with schoolgirl outfits? I just want comfortable shoes that I can walk in. Why is this so hard to make, why do women get the short stick of everything? Men get to wear comfortable shoes and we get stuck in these awful things that will cut into your skin if you walk too far, it's like being on a leash, I hate the fashion industry, and fuck men. I can't even wear mens' shoes if I wanted to because I have tiny tiny feet.
And you get like 5 minutes in the store to see if they're comfy or not, how can you judge on that? Then you think they're comfy and buy them and one day you have to walk a mile or so around town and all of a sudden your stockings are stained red at the back and every step is torture and you can't return the shoes. Shoe companies should be held accountable! Why is there no multiple-mile-comfort certification for shoes!? I'm angry. I'm angry about shoes. I can't look moe because I don't drive a car doorstep to doorstep. /rant

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