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Just turned 30.

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>When a "cosfamous" girl cosplays as your waifu and does an incredibly shitty job and it looks utterly inaccurate
>TFW her costume will get more attention than the perfect Mami cosplayers who go unnoticed by the masses.

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Alright, well... here's a feel that's been on my mind lately...

>1.5-2 years ago there was a post in a certain conventions facebook group for adding friends, I normally just ignore those but this time I figured, "Sure why not?"
>Add three or four people
>Occasionally like a post one of them makes
>Don't actually talk to any of them at all besides this one girl and I really didn't talk to her THAT much
>Eventually just remove them all one day aside from that one said girl
>Some time later I was cleaning up the ol' friends list
>see her on list
>Haven't interacted with her in months
>She hasn't posted in what seems like forever
>Remove her, zero fucks given
>Literally two fucking days later I shit you not
>See a post in that same facebook group for a cosplay fundraiser
>"Cosplay for A Cure"
>First line in that post: "when 'Girl who I just removed's name' was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer..."

>... Oh my God...

>There was a voting system on a website(I don't recall the name off the top of my head) to get funding and media attention for their cause I voted for them everyday.
>Got other people to vote
>>Felt pretty guilty
>I usually don't care when I remove someone or they remove me but damn I felt like a shitbag.

>Fast forward to a few weeks ago
>Find out that girl died of her breast cancer

>Feels bad man

I can't say I really knew her well at a and she was almost a stranger but when you do meet someone, someone you met through conventions/cosplay scene at that, then find out they died it it still sucks.

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>be me
>shy and introvert
>get into Lolita
>"Fuck it, this clothes cost so much money, I have to wear them more then once or twice a year!"
>Uni starts, gather courage to wear toned down casual outfits
>Weird stares from everyone
>No one talks to me
>Introvert personality isn't helping
>end up being friendless weirdly dressed loser

Still wear Lolita sometimes, but feels bad, man. Everyone stares at you if you come to classes in something else than jeans/tshirt like you were mad.
I wish I would not be so socially awkward...

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>shaving is the effort

tfw you're a gorilla without shaving

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