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/cgl/ culture and helpful links:

/cgl/ general: http://pastebin.com/2E2BmDDc
Taobao: http://pastebin.com/B2KSFQUM

Above you'll find links to our pastebin with information concerning the board and its unique culture and even more links with information about wigs, ordering, and a plethora of other cosplay/lolita-related things.

No biting, kicking, tearing other lolita's dresses, and keep your arms and legs inside at all times. Be nice to each other, ok?

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feels like it's been a while since i've seen some good coscom bitching on here...

coscom faggotry, drama, bullshit, you know - standard affair.

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Place has gone to shit.

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This. As touch-and-go as this place can be, at least you get reasonable suggestions when you ask for advice.

It's only been 3+ months since Admin said they'd have the marketplace all up and running, and I don't mean that shit excuse for a forum as the "marketplace". He was taking suggestions but I doubt he'll listen to any of them. The biggest disappointment to me is the fact that people didn't take 2 seconds to read the simple rules. It origainally stated the marketplace functions "as is" and that coscom took no part in the money transactions etc. Soooo why not ban the repeat offenders/spammers? Too simple a solution, must destroy all things to address a small problem.

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I hate JasonTerror. Fucking asshole always comes into a thread I'm on and says shit about my advice on fabric is bad and for the person seeking help to go with his suggestion. The mother fucker doesn't even sew.

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SpazItUp annoys the fuck out of me. She has this distinct air of "WHATEVER I SAY IS RIGHT!!!" and it just makes me want to hit her, to be honest.

I've been gone from Coscom for a while... I've been back a little more recently but it's gotten so much worse in the time I've been gone, holy shit.

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Oh my god, don't get me started on the "marketplace" forum. There's always the same three "commissioners" posting in every thread asking if the person placing the WTB thread needs a wig. They're ALL SHITTY wig stylists that need to learn the basics. I'm talking about kkroxas2011 (annoying as fuck and does some of the worst work I've ever seen), brilikesmoose (very shoddy work; have you seen her Rapunzel wigs?), and Illinafli (revealed to be a scammer). It's always those three derps. I'm especially sick of kkroxas2011's dumbass bumping her WTB threads that never move trying to low-ball talented commissioners for dirt cheap quotes for costumes.

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>It's only been 3+ months since Admin said they'd have the marketplace all up and running
It's been way longer than that. The Marketplace was still down back in late April. That's nearly five months.

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holy shit, this girl is beyond annoying. I want to rip my hair out 9/10 times i see her post. She doesn't know how to work with ANYTHING yet constantly offers commissions for a wide range of things (props, sewing AND wigs) yet also constantly posts asking to hire someone for a commission, with a ridiculously low price.

I dont go on coscom much but I saw her post once asking for a gyarados gijinka that would involve a lacefront wig and a sewn in hairline, plus massive tail.. and bodysuit. she was willing to pay "up to 75$ for it, including shipping."

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What's even funnier about her is how she doesn't know shit about anything she's trying to do for commission. She's barely learning how to sew and is trying to do costume commissions. Shit makes no sense! What really made me laugh was how she tried to start drama with me and went into psycho bitch mode when I asked her to remove a friend's stolen picture from her "examples of her work" folder because she didn't have permission to use it. The girl is pretty damn crazy. She went around lying to my friend (the one she stole the photo from) claiming that I was "harassing her" and "trying to ruin her (already crappy) business."

The girl is mental. I also remember a thread where she was trying to get someone to make a detailed Lugia gijinka costume for only $50 when it was easily a $200+ project.

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>makes me want to hit her
What is wrong with you?

Coscom seems to be the same to me. Boring really. The market place pretty much sucks due to already mentioned. It seems there's very little real interaction between users on the other boards unless you're asking for help.
In general and offtopic, it feels more like I'm just reading twitter comments and facebook status updates.
A lot of talking but very little interaction. Only a few people talk to eachother really.
>feels a lot like cglchat

I really wish I knew of a better community board other than 4chan and coscom..
>one is bitchy, rarely self posts cosplays, and nitpicky about everything due to anonymoose.
>one is boring and feels more cliquey. Not to mention the sensitivity levels mang.

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Go on.

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She actually messaged me about a commission I wanted doing... for Thor. Armour and all.

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I cannot contain my laughter. Kinda makes me wonder how shitty that armor would look.

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kkroxas pisses me off so much. She needs to be a lolcow.


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Needless to say, I declined her offer. Though I'm still morbidly curious!

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I'm just going to be waiting to see how this goes. Wonder how long it's been since she was promised.

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Ah, shit i forgot it was down long before they "updated" the site for its anniversary. LOOK AT IT NOW FOLKS!

Profile page is devoid of anything, forums still busted, and it functions very much like a Web 1.0 site from the late 90's maybe early 00's. Also LOL I still like how there's a space to enter your CURE ID but there was never any linking to your CURE account. My guess was that Admin burned his Japan contacts/connections hence why they only carried Japanese wigs for a short amount of time, never even offered some products they said they would carry e.g. goldyboard, and no longer submit pics on behalf of coscom for CosSnaps. He must've pissed them off somehow.

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Oh wait. It's in the post. My bad. Her recent post about being in the hospital should not even be viable to this if she had asked for it since July

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>Serious weight problem

Old but still funny.

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She has potential. I remember when she stupidly posted photos of packages she was going to ship off and not only was her address visible but so were the addresses of the recipients.

It bugs me how she doesn't even know the meaning of the word 'commission.' Looking at her albums my fucking god. You'll see retarded shit like:

"a roxas wig that i commissioned for myself!"
"got the base wig in the mail. now to commission it!"
"commissions that im going for myself"

I want to throw a Webster's Dictionary in her direction. She really gives new meaning to the term 'self-employment.'

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Does anyone remember Axelai? Is there any reason why her tumblr is password locked now?

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I think she realized she had become a huge laughingstock and decided to lay low. That's my only guess.

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I think this is a very reasonable explanation for some people but at the same time I kinda felt like this bitch was way delusional, like to delusional to realize she was the butt of so many jokes etc. But maybe she did have an epiphany.

Last time I remember hearing "news" about her was from like last fall when she started claiming to be trans and was ditching classes to hang out and draw shitty manga etc. at a friend's place.

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