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Just to inform all the girls here who don't have a slim body.

Having only big breasts won't make your cosplay of Tifa accurate anymore.

Now you need a slim body with slim legs. It is canon and official.

You are welcome.

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Fuck you I cosplay what I want
Suck my fat tits

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>I cosplay what I want

Yes you can, but won't be accurate.

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Keep trolling to /b/ as per rulez

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A proper place for coord help.
Post dresses and details about the type of look you are going for.

I haven't been able to find one for a bit so I made one.

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Not my image, but I bought this dress on a whim and don't know what the hell to do with it. I'm 99% Angelic Pretty and I noticed none of my AP pinks match. Would a white blouse be appropriate?

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Oops, sage.
It's Sleeping Beauty Rose by BTSSB and its missing the rose in the middle (bought second hand)

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Any type of white should be fine. I don’t own this, but based on the golds I would personally go with an ivory blouse. However, if it’s a blue toned pink I’d definitely do white.

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My friend has paired it with her Aatp 'Cabriole Legs Ribbon Shoes' and red boots. Both looked good with the dress

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use any black/gold chandelier tights (because meaning to the story)
I poorly shooped the black rose in the bonnet to red.
possibly use a normal sleeve beige blouse and add a nice long sleeve black bolero

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Are there any Shinjis done by actual kids and not 20-something women?

Only one I found so far

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N-no anon, and you?

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>you just know

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Me neither

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my favorite cosplay to do was to wear a shinji cosplay and carry around a shinji mug lmao it was so funny. I recently got a eva tattoo too but I have pink hair now

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Probably but it's not really the best idea to go posting kid’s photos here?

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Hey femanon, I thought this would go really well with your Link cosplay! :) No need to thank me!

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already did twice :)

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all the more reason to complete your Link cosplay. :)

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why would I stop if incels like you pay for me through you're taxes

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who hurt you OP?

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I just wanted to give you a gift, femanon UwU

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Previous thread:

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You're assuming every Japanese American is the same. Some have dual cit/green cards and go back often/live there for some of their life.

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A popular alt right trope is to claim that racism can't exist (for black people or anybody else) in the US, because Asians are successful. Sometimes it kind of seems like people want to be oppressed just so they can protest more on social media.

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Do you have pics of the dresses by any chance ?

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hell yea it is

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It's really naive of you to think racism only happens in the deep south, anon

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Not going to that dumpster fire, but feel free to post here if the nazi from last year shows up again.

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Can you elaborate on this? I've never heard this before, but It soubds like something AM would do. They stole the Eva exhibit merch last year as well.

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It's a bunch of he said she said, at this point. Carry on

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Yeah, learned my lesson.

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Shut the fuck up. Why are you sucking John's dick so hard?


Google is a gift, anon. Please use it

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> It's a bunch of he said she said

My guy, they have live tweets, pics, and IA even called them out.... What more proof does your dense ass need??

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’No fun allowed’ chans vs elitist tea-sama types?
Embarrassed to take your ita comm members to actual nice places?
Small town social embarrassment.
Manners are for chumps vs Meets to satisfy lifestylers?
Arcade vs wine bar?
Is Karaoke ever a Good Idea?
”why can't we just have a potluck picnic”.
”But it's too expensive”!
”Im just having water”.

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Tokyo Disney sucks. It’s small and there’s nothing to do.

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They don't get it, anon. They just don't. You are wasting your time replying.

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> if you truly are in a town of 1000 or less - you're lucky if you have a McDonald's

Oof, too real. It seems like most tiny rural towns have like a Dollar General, a gas station or two that charges a lot for gas, and for whatever reason, a lot of churches, bars, and antique stores.

but the plushies are cuter. I heard that a while ago Q Pot had a hotel room at a Tokyo Disney hotel.

I think my main gripe about places like that are tourists. It's always a terrible time going to aesthetic places that are jam packed with other out of towners constantly interrupting your shindig.

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I get the point you're trying to make, and it's nonsense. No one I know even wears Western indie brand dresses, much less "relies on" those seamstresses. I'm in what seems to be an average sized comm and we all wear taobao or Japanese brands. There is nothing wrong with Western indie, but most of it is very plain, simple, and unflattering. LoTV only looks good on people built like that maker. Versus taobao and brand who have better, more flattering designs

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My tiny town of 1000 has:
One traffic light
Three(?) family-owned restaurants, neither of which are fantastic
A Dollar General
Two gas stations
Two small churches (there used to be a big one but it got struck by lightning and burned down...)
A new music store which is already cutting its hours down to three days a week.
But I like it. Like Momoko I only need clothes to be happy. And i like how I can walk to the cemetery and no one harasses me for money.

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He is a person who is using Joker for commercial use without permission from Warner Brothers.

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fuckin baby

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Nobody cares.

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Imagine being butthurt about another cosplayer to the point you have to shitpost out of 2ch/an because even they don’t want your bullshit.

Imagine still being mad about casual cosplayers.

Here’s your (you).

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The running club I joined handed out these horrible red tank tops today.
I had an idea though. I combined it with some other clothes in my wardrobe and...

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you should spend more time thinking about how painfully average you are then trying to cosplay.

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Is this a cosplay of armoured sceptic or something

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This guy?

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I literally thought the same damn thing.

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Previous thread

19 days to go

>You Preregistered?
>Is the important shit locked and loaded (car ride/plane trip plans locked in, hotel room booked, cosplays/luggage packed, etc.)?
>How are you guys holding up with life / work / school until the con arrives?
>You saving up for the con?
>How’s your AX fund jar doing so far?
>You got your work PTO approved?
>Any setbacks so far until the con?
>Cosplay Day 0/1/2/3 plans?
>Are you concerned about the state of AX now with the lackluster lineup this close to con?
>What are your dream guests?
>What are your dream events?
>What’s your plans?
>Are you going to the Aqours concert? If so, you gotten your tickets? If you’re not, you crying in the corner?
>What (or who) do you think can save Anime Expo this year or is Anime Expo this year beyond saving?

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Not asking how, just haven't been to AX previously and have been swamped with work so I haven't had much opportunity to get out and do anything

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>Bunny Girl Senpai movie
>MHA S4 premiere
>Danmachi movie
>can only choose one
Which one should I catch up on (haven’t started MHA S3 yet) so I can be well prepared for these events?

>> No.10197387

>MHA s4 premiere is on day 3 from 10 am to 12 pm in the main events hall
>Danmachi s2 premiere is also on day 3, starts at 11:30 am and is also in the main events hall
I am so confused. I guess AX fucked up the scheduling? I'm just trying to see if I can camp in the main events hall before the Euphonium movie, which is apparently at 12:30 pm for now

>> No.10197390

Never mind, Sentai made a typo according to www.anime-expo.org/2019/06/07/fujino-omori-creator-wrong-try-pick-girls-dungeon-joins-ax-2019/

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You won't be able to camp for Hibike because the preceding MHA event will have some form of restricted entry due to overwhelming demand.

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>Alternate thread title: Holy shit why is the Milkshake set so popular?

Since Milkshake is getting a MTO, and is ridiculously popular, I thought it would be cool to have a thread to discuss brands making non-lolita items or conversely, showing lolita dresses or items worn in a non lolita way

Some questions to get the thread going

>Do you wear lolita items in a non-lolita way?
>Do you think there is a place for stuff like the Milkshake OP in lolita fashion?
>What non-lolita items would you like to see from brands in the future, if any?

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It wasn’t. This was at the time they were just added to the site, but for a solid 5 minutes you could see and not purchase them.

>> No.10197341

I hope you got what you were after anon.

>> No.10197344

Got the top but had to get the skirt MTO! Oh well, better late than never.

>> No.10197367


Wearing just the dress with no other styling makes you look like some noob ita that has no idea what you’re doing. Why would you purposefully try to project that image?

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some people might still consider it lolita but some fancy candy coordinates cross over into general jfash territory imo

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What’s some good brands?

Also stuff like thigh highs, net, pvc

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what does this have to do with cosplay or jfashion?

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Go to the crossplay thread, tranny

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Are you stupid?

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no u

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Can I post this here?

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guess so

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All because you can doesn't mean you should.
Use the catalog.

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no because there are two different Homestuck threads. Use them.

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anyone got any full disharmonica sets?

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There's a ton of threads about bad photoshops, photog drama and the like. But let's try to do something constructive. Let's discuss something simple, what do YOU think is a good cosplay photograph? If you're going to pay money for a photoshoot, what exactly are you looking for in the finished product? Also, post photos of what you consider as examples of good cosplay photos.

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Sweetie you must the stupid person here. Show me some polaroids that don't look like garbage because I've never seen anyone take decent photos with one of these without it looking like a wind up camera from the 80s. No photoshop plz~

>> No.10196102

The photographer should be taking your picture either in the shade or with the sun at your back with a flash filling in your front to balance out the exposure.

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>tony kornheiser images

>> No.10196679

I used to work with a professional photographer who sometimes used polaroid cameras, mainly for small events so people can keep their pictures.
I had my picture taken and it was really nice. The grey backdrop and his extra light gave a nice shadow affect so it looked like i was glowing.
So nice polaroid pics are possible.

>> No.10196825

NAYRT but what you described just sounds like a plain old snapshit

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Has anyone used makeup and/or prosthetics to give yourself epicanthic folds? Or hide them?

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from me personally-- my fucking fat fold literally push my eyelashes s.t. they point downwards. no amount of eyelash curling/mascara will fix this. Often any falsies i wear will be pushed downwards too. only exception is if the band is strong enough to lift the fat.

also from my experiences with wearing tape/glue, it makes my eyes look more awake instead of droopy.

>> No.10196486

Same here. I have to widen my eyes for photos but then it makes my expression look dumb. I spent forever thinking it was just the expressions I made at cameras but standing in front of a mirror examining my eye size and comparing it to most other people, the lid comes down over the Iris enough that I look tired, and circle lenses don't help. Eyeliner makes my eyes look thinner instead of bigger.

I've lost weight but you can't really change the shape there once the damage is done. Surgery or I hope at least eye tape will help.

>> No.10196533

Next time, for eyeliner, try a brown shadow a couple shades lighter and softer than your natural hair color.
Use it to line just the top from just at the center to the corner.
Swoop to make a wing, use a highlight in the center, blend.
Other colors as desired.
Use a medium brown for extending the shadow of the corner to a forth to a third of your lower lashes.
Only use light colors from the center to the bridge of your nose, crease can be whatever best suites your skin,and eye color and tastes.

>> No.10196534

eyelids do give an appearance of a larger, more awake eye, and also gives space to put on eyeshadow/eyeliner which can again make the eye look bigger

>> No.10196546

I have a slightly droopy right eye for some reason and occasionally I use eyelid tape to make my eyelids symmetrical.

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/fit/ here, how do I pick up/find gf cosplaying at a con?

I'm reaching the end of my cutting cycle and i'm feeling satisfied with the amount of mass i've retained while reaching my goal weight. Could I just meme an outfit together like pic related and slay? Do popular cosplayers really have crazy parties?

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please learn how to use the board before crossposting.

Go to the stupid questions thread or cosplay general, if there's one available on the catalog.

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Don't be ugly
Don't be autistic
I have a feeling you might be failing at both

>> No.10192667

>thinking girls are going to care about your muscles nearly as much as you care about them

>thinking the muscles will get you a girlfriend

>> No.10192675

Weeb girls like thin feminine guys so if you're on /fit/, you're already lost.
You're either a delusional fatass or a gymrat that is already past what their preferences are

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I always end up hooking up with 4/10's with daddy issues at cons.
So expect a lot of that.
Currently dealing with a 30 year old crazy chick with daddy issues I made out with at a con. So be weary.

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what should i do about making an evoker for my minato arisato cosplay
how could i begin to make it?

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I’m going to make a cast of my body to get the pattern, I’m wondering how much extra space I should give on the separate pieces so I can sew them together and it will still match up with my proportions. Also, how am I supposed to make sure the pattern I’ve created is symmetrical, so it’s not off balance? Any help is appreciated.

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