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Last thread just auto-saged and Ikkicon's in a few weeks. Who's going?

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Gonna check out the vendors then head to lunch at the little ramen place then supposed to meet back up with friends to change into costumes in their room, dont know how the rest of the weekend will go but thats friday at least.

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Yes, someone gives so many fucks about some random convention idol group that they went through that much effrot to call you an idiot. You are insane.

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if you don't like random non weebs in panties hanging around the con, then stay away from the lobby. those people are there for probably doing LSD and going to the rave.
idk why they have to be in panties and bondage like wtf

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I'm doing Pucci. Pull off a Sazh from Final Fantasy or Mista from the currently running JoJo season. I'm too skinnyfat to have my gut exposed. You could also do any super hero with everything powers or Nick Fury if you into capeshit.

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Meant to respond to

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Handmade bloomers edition

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I don't hate them, they just make me incredibly uncomfortable because I know whenever I'm around them I'm now skating on the thin ice of committing a 'hate crime'.

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Not necessarily. I respect your right to do what you like with your body and that doesn't bother me at all, but I refuse to participate in your delusions, which can cause conflict.

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Nope. All trans people I've personally met were pretty chill.

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I've never encountered a trans person who wasn't 110% cool about their situation. Honestly I'm way more afraid of/resentful towards regular old straight women as they've caused me the most grief of any demographic.
Funnily enough, the only person to ever be offended by me accidentally misgendering/deadnaming somebody was my own sister who has made a habit of surrounding herself almost exclusively with LGBT folks, despite being none of those herself.

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You’re completely right anon. Thank you. I am recently finding it much more easy to be confident in toned down styles than full fledged OTT sweet lolita fashion. I feel cuter and more at home in my own toned down style though I appreciate the way lolita fashion looks on other people. I feel much happier and less anxious to go out of my house now. I feel like the whole “wear whatever the hell you want Bc fuck society XD!!!” Thing doesn’t really apply to everyone. And that’s okay! I think people should just wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing.

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twitch dot tv / diegosaurs

Cosplay as Lynn from Ring of Elysium

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>feel bad for a lonely guy in class
>Invite him to a cosplay event
>He shows up dressed as Fred Flintstone with a Bush mask
>He keeps screaming 'i yabba dabba dindu 9/11

This was a fucking mistake

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Your whole thread was a mistake, anon.

Post that shit here next time. >>10048902

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l dont know where else to ask this as /a/ will for sure tell me to fuck off or ban me

In the anime Mononoke the medicine seller guy wears a different style of clothing than everyone else, and resources online say it's anachronistic, from a much older period, in the style of animist shamans (also suggested by the facial marks) -- l suppose before or around the arrival of Buddhism to Japan. which points towards the Kofun or Asuka period probably?

If any1 has better info l'd be thankful

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You have good husbando taste

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Some person cosplaying as medicine seller guy, to make it a bit more board related

desu simply because it looks very nice and want to investigate whatever period it comes from and see more nice clothing
l never intend to cosplay it rest assured

will try there also

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I thought the clothing was Ainu influence

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damn it really is, down to the patterns and make up
thank you

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Anime Milwaukee in trouble?

Lemonbrat alleges financial manager diverted more than $40,000 in funds, same person in charge of multiple conventions including AMKE and a furry con.


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hey fellow former AMKE staffer coming out of the woodwork. me too, senpai.

I've known Corey for like 13 years. all that time I KNEW he was pocketing stuff. AMKE has definitely suffered because of him. you can see it. I watched that con go downhill.

take our advice people: avoid that con. it's all shite, and everyone who runs it is incompetent and this isn't the FIRST time they've been associated with dirty money dealings.

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we all nicknamed him GM for a reason.

he always thought it meant "game-master." in fact it means "Ginger Midget."

no offense intended to gingers or midgets.

The event is NOT a victim. Everyone on that board knew and knows what was going on and IS going on. Don't attend this convention. If anything, ghost it. Milwaukee is a shitty city anyway

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>this isn't the FIRST time they've been associated with dirty money dealings.
Oh now you have to tell us about that

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Milwaukee and Madison are all Wisconsin has. Don't do Milwaukee dirty like that.

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a top sponsor got cheated out of a deal when a full double page colored ad in the con booklet which was promised them when they agreed to sponsor was in fact used for the media 'designer's own fail-con: all things UK.

amke cheated that sponsor out of a deal which according to most was worth over 1k

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Little over a month away, what are we all expecting for the 10 year mark?

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Another frustrating shitshow where you have to fight a crowd that is far too big for the venue because they refuse to fucking move already.

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I get that! Attended the first few years and they are stressing the seams a bit now.

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Hi ladies,

I'm a lonely guy from r9k.

I come here for a gf.

Who's going to volunteer?

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return to r9k

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Bruh look at this dood wait till you see the OH NO NO NO

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There hasn't been one of these in a good while. Send me your worst.

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I have met her. Went to a convention in November and had to deal with bad breath.

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You deserve a purple heart for your bravery

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Did you know he was into pony crossplaying prior to this?

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Lol they also try act like Junkrat. It's very grating.

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I couldn't stand two seconds around someone like that

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So I've been trying to buy these shoes on bodylinetokyo.co.jp/ for awhile but i cant figure this site out at all.

How do i choose my shoe size? When i click the color i want it shows 1 size. I get this weird feeling that that only keep extremely low inventory on their merch and offer what they have? If so, thats a terrible way to run a website business

The site says free shipping right now, but when I made a mock order, im still being charged 25 dollars for shipping

There seems to be absolutely no way to contact them for help, so I'm here hoping someone whos dealt with this before can help me =(. I really want these shoes by xmas! Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to /cgl/ newfriend.
First I'd suggest posting in the Bodyline thread: >>10020914
But yeah, that means the size you want is out of stock. Good luck.
Might be a better idea to find shoes on Taobao >>10047208 but the chances you'll get them before Christmas are basically zero.

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everytime a newfag posts, a good thread goes to heaven

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yeah for some reason bodyline is absolutely inept at stocking their online store (their physical store is better stocked than their online store...) i'd recommend specifically antaina on taobao and i'm not sure but i think they ship overseas without a shopping service, i'd like another gull to confirm this though.

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lol pleb

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Just make a new one if a thread you liked died, it happens

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AGSAC has a revolutionary ARG launching soon. Love to hear some cosplayers opinions.

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Hello, from a few days ago I look for where this photo came from
I know you will help me find it

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Nobody reply to this thread. Don't bite the bait.

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Thread for cosplay ideas/ techniques that have been stolen or not given proper credit

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It's possible to steal an obviously original design like how Momokun operates, but OP's post is just about a concept. It's only a problem if someone wholesale copies a cosplay or art design and then refuses to credit.

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I agree, there is no cosplay theft, only homage that the cosplayer should be grateful for. Too many cosplayers give the bad attitude when really he should be happy to see it and receive more exposure.

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Thats like saying everyone that's used worbla stole it from Kamui because she helped popularize it...

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I've been out of the cosplay scene for a while finishing school, but I'm looking to get back into it and this method sounds super interesting. I found a post on instagram where HeeHee talks about a Deku wig they steamed but does anyone have a tutorial to share?

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didn't know styling a wig a certain way can only be done by one person. are you that pathetic and self-entitled?

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For comic conventions, lolita parties, nerd events, questions about shops and all things European.

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List next Year
Japan Expo (paris)
Made in Asia
Dutch Comic Con
and a some smaller local cons.
Any tips for more cons in Europe?
Preferably with some sleeping places near the cons.

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definitly Anime-Manga-Con on the Leipzig Buchmesse germany.

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Desucon in Finland is great, but they have very little programming in English.

>> No.10050699

Desucon is trying to set up a more international event. Definitely recommend to keep eyes on it.

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Jfashion or alternative in general?
For jfash id suggest dreamy bows

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you know what to do

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Holy fuck this is horrifying

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Holy shit what's wrong with their HANDS

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i don't know if i'm right but can someone confirm for me if the butt cheeks are just 1 of the butt cheeks copied and moved over? this butt just looks so off to me

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Don’t know if it was copied but they definitely smoothed away too much of the left cheek crease, makes it look super stiff.

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Previous thread: >>10045618

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I quite like this. Just wish I could see more of the details.

>> No.10052641

I like this coord but the editing...

>> No.10052643

This is super cute. I really like her wig with this coord.

>> No.10052647

Agreed, her natural face looks totally fine but then she does all the smoothing and it looks really bad.

>> No.10052651

Anon do you not see how her calves are struggling to not burst out of those boots?

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I swung by Midwest Fur Fest yesterday out of morbid curiosity and to kill some time, and the things I had seen cannot be unseen. I was only there for a couple hours but the emotional scars will last forever. Any other anons ever been to a degenerate con like that just for shits and giggles? How did it go?

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Went to rainfurrest. Had to go to the shitter, hit the stall and there was a glory hole in it. I figured "when in Rome" and stuck my dick in it. The person on the other side started sucking greedily almost immediately, I hate to admit it but I was diamonds. The person then starting fucking my dick, it actually felt like a really loose vagina. After I finished I had to see the person on the other side so I crept around the bathroom after I walked out and I shit you not the person that came out was.....Hillary Clinton.

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last weekend, anon

on the comment about ugly furries:

In my experience most of the attractive ones are almost always in fursuit if they aren't dealers or artists, because if they don't constantly hide the ugly ones will find them

statistically I'd wonder if financial status plays a large part in this; people who are doing well and have some semblance of a put-together life tend to take better physical care of themselves.

>> No.10052212

They must have been thinking of Anthrocon, which is more family friendly and open to the public. MFF is literally the exact opposite; it's KNOWN as the adult con lmfao. Which is why it has more attendees every year. Everyone is sick of all the children running around to trip people in their fursuits.

>> No.10052337

>dicks getting sucked

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Most shit fests I've witnessed were due to a volunteer staff member on a power trip and not knowing how to properly handle situations with crowds at all.
>colossalcon but not nearly as bad as ohayo
Colossalcon is great but many a cringe has been witnessed there.
Saturday night almost everyone there after 5pm is wasted. I went into the bathroom and I hear someone emptying their guts. Poor girl is on all 4s, aliexpress lolita is the only thing I saw under that door.
>several of us try to ask if she needs help
>no responses
>go out to tell my husband and we try to see if a staff member is around.
>girl standing outside overhears and runs inside
I know it's easy to overdo it when in a party enviroment like that but damn. I can't imagine being that blackout at a con.
>standing in line for the burlesque show
>some dude standing by us won't stop talking about his sexual experiences
>yeah man i got fired cuz me and a girl got caught having sex in the freezer
Me and my husband are dying
>finally get inside
>almost all of the performers arw awkward as fuck and fat
We left early.
I really would like to go to a furry con once just to see this for myself. Lmao my friend is able to make a living with furry porn art. I'm jealous of her skill. Hahaha we kind of want to try to combine skills and sell adoptable bundle sets with ears and tails included.
You put exactly how i feel about the furry community into words anon.
This reminds me of the one furry running around Ikasucon one year.
>never saw him out of his mask.
>danced and played music almost any time I spotted him
>see him comment on a pic someone took of him
>bro plays college football
>actually pretty cute
Really caught me off guard and it looked like he wasn't actually on the power levels of most other furries after creeping his Facebook.
You never actually know what's under there.

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What do you guys think?

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Yeah, I made it for a final at school. I'm probably going to pair it with a kirtle when I present the project tomorrow.

>> No.10050921

>What do you guys think?
*Specific crest from a separate, later helm.
*Helm doesn't fit and probably isn't padded right, certainly isn't worn over a helmet.
*Butted, round, oversized maille.
*Cheap, thin cotton robe
*No base layers
*Meme order
*Posted outside of LARPthread, which is also for historic reenacting and HEMA.


>> No.10051163

Aren't the templars an even bigger meme order?

Non meme orders would propably be hospitallers, the different Spanish and Portugiese orders from the time of the Reconquista and the Livonian brothers of the sword right?

>> No.10051341

I'll give you answers to those questions and more, in the LARPthread!

>> No.10051845

I'm not OP but this guy >>10050781
But I will ask you again for non meme orders in the LARPthread

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So I am trying to get my wife into cosplay. She is the definition of a thicc girl. What are some good characters that she could do?

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she's fat. get a plus size nurse costume and have fun at home. no need to drag her out and humiliate her

>> No.10048854

Do you know what thicc is? She's got large chest and hips. I'm here to get input not for someone to be an ass. Responses like that are why so many people get turned away from doing cosplay.

>> No.10048862

Not that anon, but you're asking in 4chan, full of assholes and ana-chans, so you're stupid for posting here to begin with if you didn't think people would insult you.

>> No.10048863

Why don't you try asking her what characters she would like doing? If she's not a professional and doesn't aim to be, cosplaying someone she genuinely likes instead of a general thicc character might be more fun. Otherwise just google thicc characters anon, or cosplay ideas for chubby people, I'm sure you'll find dozens of results.

>> No.10048865

Why are you *trying* to get your fat wife into cosplay?

If she doesn't want to do it then that should be fine.

No sense in humiliating her just because you want her to do something against her will or wish.

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Imagine thinking a man could fall in love with you when there are so many better looking girls around.

>> No.10048583

Tracy is probably dating chad though. There's still hope

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