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Did the unspeakable era, which many fashion historians try to ignore, birth the Lolita look? Are the 1830s more of a direct influence on the fashion then Victorian fashion? Should we consider peering into this time period for new ideas, or do we shun this dark time and never acknowledge it again? Also... (if you would like) general melding historical details into Lolita/ digging through history to find new things to mix back into the established look.

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>ita threads, 1796

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I don't know where everyone got this notion that Lolita is rooted in Rococo. Just because Novala Takemoto said it doesn't mean it's holy writ. If you look at any early snaps of the fashion there absolutely no correlation between lolita and rococo.
The influence came much later in classic brands, and only exploded in about 2011 when OTT classic emerged.

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What's cringy about autistic people enjoying fashion? None of these sound very different from the average /cgl/ poster

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If you look at early street snaps of the fashion there’s hardly any sweet, that doesn’t mean Sweet didn’t exist in the early days either. Are you garbage-chan? You think Novala pulled that out of this ass?

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I look good? I know I'm not blond :(

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Leon of r e

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You going to SoCal Retro Gaming Expo this weekend? You should enter the Metal Slug tournament

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Link to full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvVJevbUXd8

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There isn't one up atm, here's a fresh one.

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i used to follow her years ago under her previous @ that was very popular (and only found her here because i vaguely remember her face and only had to do 5 minutes of searching to find who she is), and she used to do a lot more basic bitch cos and heavy ps'ing. now she nuked that old instagram and is starting fresh apparently, i can see why lol

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i second hex manic for something low key. also mikan tsumiki, morticia adams, widowmaker

i def agree you should do satsuki and maybe if you want to do more fire emblem velouria

i can’t tell who your full body pic is but i think you’d make a beautiful arwen from lotr or sansa stark!

sorry if my picture is for ants i made the collage on my phone. i’ve been out of cosplay for a while so i’m not sure what do to. prefer characters who wear darker colors and thinking of trying an armor build.

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oh rip dropped the pic

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Thank you! The fullbody pic is the Firekeeper from Dark Souls 3, Sansa is actually already on my list (a couple of her dresses), I hadn't thought about doing Arwen but it's a good idea, although I like Eowyn better

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I'd say my favorites are probably Kill La Kill, Evangelion, HxH, Berserk, etc. Videogames wise Fire Emblem, some League, and Persona are my favorites

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so as a trans person I have this con coming up and I wanna do this fem char but im not sure i should honestly.

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You're mentally ill anon

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Glad I posted here :)

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Do whatever your heart desires. There is nothing wrong with being trans and cosplaying.
Also, please read the rules and do not make threads for single questions like these. We have help threads! Check the catalogue.

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>gulls falling for bait

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>There is nothing wrong with being trans

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Bit of a novice cosplayer here, I've already got a wig I really like and am working on touching up a cute dolphin plush to bring along. I'm doing his Hiatus Boat Arc attire.

Basically I'm looking for good red eye contacts, (prop) gun, suit (I have a black one that's dead on but would rather match the covers), and ideas on how to make the chain - or if it's better to just look into premade cosplay-chains for the character.

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ty, haven't used this board much

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Last thread hit bump limit >>10105985

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seriously, they look adorable? do people just hate that dress?

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For the fat goth mom that never outgrew hot topic

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Are those fucking ice skates or rollerblades? Youd think that would give them even more of a reason to wear socks

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I think skates

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Can I wear liz lisa to school? The mall maybe? Or is it too weeb for the public's eyes

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And I forgot to mention re: short skirts. I see short skirts more often used in club wear or a sexy outfit. Might be wear I live but it’s not as common to see a short skirt with a girly or feminine type outfit where I live.

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Short skirts in normie fashion, yes.

Short skirts with ruffles and lace, less so.

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Basically what I was getting at, thank you.

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I'm more actively wearing and talking about lolita. I wore liz lisa, pretty normal outfit i think, to the mall with a couple friends of mine and someone asked me if i was wearing lolita... Before i even had a chance to respond my friends chime in for me
>me internally screaming
One of those friends is really new to lolita and doesn't really know what makes it. I didn't have the heart to correct her like "ackyually"
I always thought liz lisa was normal af but its not to some people?
Just wear what you like but that doesn't really look too fitting for school.

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Really??? Wow im not op but in my hs girls went nuts with their clothes. Mostly scantilly clad than modest of course. I wore casual kuro and goth and nobody raised an eyebrow, ever.

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"Old school fans on suicide watch" edition

Last thread on autosage: >>10089278

- block out names
- don't fixate forever on one person so we don't get fukken nuked (mods = gods)
- sfw, this is a blue board you sluts

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>literally me, wardrobe of 50+ dresses, with many rare MM and JM pieces most of which I haven't been able to fit into for almost 2 years.

Stay mad, poor fag.

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If you know they're rare, you know money is not the reason other people don't own them. I'm not even mad, I feel sorry for you for not being able to fit your clothes.

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Obviously that money didn’t buy your fat ass enough happiness to stay fit enough for your dresses, ham galaxy.

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I’m not that asshurt about it, tubs. I have over 70 main pieces and they all fit me because I’m wealthy and don’t have to lift a finger for brand. It’s just sad to see someone so desperate to be part of something that they’d sink so much money into it without being able to even wear it. You can roll around in your stinky apartment with your dresses you can’t wear all you want but I’ll be leaving my house actually wearing mine and enjoying it at it’s full potential.

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>It’s just sad to see
that's a personal problem my dude. get over it.

none of you can even see the bright side here. these rare dresses are being preserved in these different closets, mostly in the west, being taken care of by folks with a collector's mindset.
one day, they will sell these pieces, and that's a fact. I can look forward to hopefully buying some of my favorite mains from relatively nearby sources, and they'll be in good condition.

Everything in my plus-size-friendly wardrobe fits me because I like to wear the fashion as well as collect but I had to call you saltines out for hating on people who have a different yet completely harmless way of interacting with the fashion. fucking chill.

>t. tubs

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Frostbite is over, and summer Desucon is confirmed for 14.-16.6. The tickets will be sold starting from 25.3. which seems really early.
How was Frostbite for everyone? What other conventions are you thinking of going to this year?

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I used to go when Nekocon (and Kuopio’s non-profit Animecon) was still a thing. There are a lot of young con-goers, average age is probably 16-17. There is a fair amount of people usually, and it’s mostly kids and teenagers with daddy’s money. So expect same kind of crowd as in recent Animecons. You’ll probably sell fine if you have merch/art from series that are popular with kids like BNHA.

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what are finnish convention goers willing to pay for acrylic charms?? i price my stuff according to US prciing standards in my online shop because majority of my customers are in the US, but i have no idea if finns will pay that much for charms

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It depends on the person? I don't think there's an established average for AA pricing, at least not as clearly as in the US, especially for products like charms and stuff because it's such a new thing over here. From what I've seen, regular charms tend to be priced somewhere between 5e-10e, while charms that are big, double-sided, or have something extra are somewhere around 10e-15e. I personally don't remember seeing anyone asking over 15e for a charm so far (but I don't pay close attention to tables that I'm not interested in so there's confirmation bias here).
However it really depends on what type of charms you're doing, and if your art is good/interesting enough to be popular. I don't think anyone will have a problem paying for art they really like. Usually people that don't buy something because "it's too expensive" would say the same even if you dropped your price a few euros.

Out of curiosity, how do you currently price your charms?

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I sell mine at 10 euros a piece on my online store, but I fear ppl wont buy the charms at that price especially since it's a newish thing here and people aren't as used to the idea of collecting charms and that paying ~10 dollars for an acrylic keychain is the norm. I am decently confident in my art and my charms are 5 to 6.5cm and double-sided but I still dunno man

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If your art is good and the series/theme is relatively popular then I don't think you'll have trouble selling them for 10e. It's not that expensive, so I think your best bet would be just to give it a shot at a con and see if they sell or not: it's really hard to tell beforehand. Even cheap charms won't sell if people just don't like them, so you'll probably just have to test the waters and see how it goes.

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>Hi, I'm a cat desu. Mew mew. Mmm pocky stick. Sasuke. Yaoi Paddle. Glomp. Squee.
>Le Weeb girl
Are all cosplay girl weebs cringe? Or just 80% of them?

>> No.10107904

Does this still happen or did you just time travel from 2009

>> No.10107913

You're one of those cringe weebs, aren't you. Human nature doesn't change over time, dumbass.

>> No.10107916

You're 11 years too late.

>> No.10107919

I notice you didn't answer my question on whether they are cringy. Answer it.

>> No.10107923

No, but fads do, retard. Saying "glomp" and referencing Naruto isnt inherent human nature.

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'Sup, /cgl/. I'm going to be doing foreign study in Japan from March 18th until about August 1st. I'm interested in going to as many cosplay conventions as I can within that time period, since I've always wanted to interact with the Japanese cosplay community a lot more from the few encounters I've had at American cons. I think I know most of the basic idiosyncrasies, like
>No wearing the cosplay to the convention
>Changing rooms required
>There may be a cosplaying fee
et cetera, but I guess I'm wondering if there's other less-known things I should be aware of and try to plan for/accommodate.
Also, suggestions for conventions would be great as well. I know AnimeJapan is happening for 4 days in late March, so if anyone's been there I'd really like some firsthand advice on how to get the most out of it. Other than that, most of the events I seem to be finding are right at the end of July and beginning of August (Summer WonFes, Jul. 27th; World Cosplay Summit, Jul. 28th-Aug. 5th, all the way down in Nagoya; Summer Comiket, Aug. 10-12). Does anyone know of any other conventions in between AnimeJapan and that big cluster at the end of the summer, or in lieu of that any other good places to go cosplay for fun and meet people?
And sorry for writing a book about this. Feel free to just talk about Japanese conventions in general too.

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Do you know any japanese at all, or know someone who does? I'm sure these events have some info on their homepages on what their rules regarding cosplay are, and you can probably find some info online just by googling.

>> No.10110790

If you can speak conversationally, maybe contact one of the Tokyo-based photo studios and ask the staff if they know anything? At the photo studio I went to in Gifu there was a guest book/signboard where people would note public meetups and stuff.

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There are plenty of cosplay events each month (at least in Tokyo). I forgot the name of the site which list a bunch of them, but I'm sure some other anon can remember and link it.

Apart from actual cosplay events, you are usually allowed to cosplay in most doujinshi-events. There are plenty of those as well, I'd say several each month. Obviously you're gonna have to do a bit of thinking on which events you're actually going to attend. Most events usually have entrance fee of 1500-3000 a day, and cosplaying might cost extra. I'd say you're better off going to events that have doujinshi from series you're interested in, so you can buy something and cosplay at the same time. The chances of meeting like-minded people is also higher.

Circle.ms is a good site for finding events: https://portal.circle.ms/
It's meant for doujin artists and circles, but I've used it several times to find interesting events. If you see something you like you can just look up the event's own website and see if they allow cosplay. If you're into big series like Azur Lane, KanColle, Touhou etc, you can probably easily find event listed here.

Akaboo holds several larger-scale doujinshi-events a year, you can check their schedule, entry-prices and cosplay-specifications here: https://www.akaboo.jp/
They hold mostly female-oriented events (aka. lots of BL)

Studio YOU has smaller doujin-events, listed here: http://www.youyou.co.jp/index.html
Be aware tho, some of their events are really small, with around 200 circles or so (in contrast to Comiket, which has 40k circles), so if you're going alone with no friends or knowledge of Japanese you might feel lonely.

Apart from all of these, Wonder Festival Summer 2019 will be held in Chiba on 28th of July. It's a figure-event but you're allowed to cosplay there and plenty of people do. If you're in Tokyo the travel time to Chiba is very reasonable, and I'd recommend it since it's a very nice event to visit

>> No.10110991

Nevermind, literally ten minutes later I found some of the websites listing actual cosplay events. There are so many event-organizers and events that it's practically impossible to visit every single one, these are just a fraction of them.


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I've been to AnimeJapan about in 2017 for a day. You have to pay to get into the cosplay area (and not supposed to take pictures of them outside of the designated area). Unfortunately I didn't check the cosplay-only area, but I still got to see them in passing (and took a few pics). This con seemed more industry-based, but it's still neat because of the freebies, and the booth cosplayers handing out flyers/promotional material. I can't compare to other Japanese cons since this is the only one I personally attended.

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Sailor mood edition

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Oh god, thank you!

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Leave her alone, Beta males.

>> No.10112354

I dont think that you know what "beta" or "male" means.

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>show up to my friend's wedding reception with my boyfriend and girlfriend because we're ~poly and proud~
>everyone starts looking at us and making snide comments even though all I was doing was groping their asses
>some people even pointing
>can't contain myself any longer
>burst into treats
>begin to scream at everyone and call them all autistic beta male incels for not understanding how amazing and wonderful it is

>> No.10112372

Since you're so open ~ and polyamorous ~ cant you just find someone else to whore around with and get over it instead of lusting after a married man

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Haven't seen one in a while. Dump your recipes, decoration tips, stories, post your teasets etc.

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haven’t gotten good enough at calligraphy to do the inside of the letters and feel like everyone can still read them. for my last ones i typed them up and burned the edges of the paper bc halloween spooky idk and then i decorated the envelopes with everyone’s names and added fancy halloween stickers

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Hot damn. Do you have a recipe?

>> No.10112329

These are so pretty and cool, anon. Thanks for sharing pics!

>> No.10112331

I don't really use a recipe anymore but I used this as a base when I first started. Don't make your own puff pastry it's not worth it lol and I think black pudding is disgusting so I just used my fav sausage instead
Good luck!! <3

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thanks for the cute tea sandwich idea (cucumber and chive butter on brioche), im trying it out at home today and if it goes well i'll bring them to our next comm meet <3
i've been wanting to organize a comm tea party and this thread gives me a lot of inspiration for tiny food and cute tea ideas so thank you!

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>tfw no thicc bf
any other women here /high est/

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>mfw someone calls me “Thicc” while I cosplay.
If you don’t support the obesity epidemic, you’re a vegan/healthist. You don’t want to be a vegan do you?

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>> No.10106738

god i wish that was me inside

>> No.10106744

This is cosplaying while thicc
Not feels you vegan.

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This thread was moved to >>>/r9k/51008478

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Board ▼ Settings Home
/jp/ - Otaku Culture
the otakon convention needs an(...)
02/16/19(Sat)11:30:18 No.20843377
21 KB
one of my friends is staff for otakon and he likes to tell me shit because this place is always a cluster fuck. like there is virtually no organization and after the disaster that was the vegas con they are basically broke

now my friend sent me this link he snagged.l from their stfc chat site. apparently this bitch is being removed from her leadership job and she posted a response stating the board knows there are sex offenders on staff. when my friend went to check back on discussion it was taken down lmao

i am honestly so glad i stopped going. who knows if this is true but this is just such a train wreck. ive been betting when the last otakon would be. maybe it will be 2019 lmao


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former head of gr trying to cover their asses saying that vic is a good person.... sounds about right.

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>I guess Vic started the fire for these cons.

But we didn't light it though we're trying to fight it

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That was in the before time

>> No.10107527

Sounds like a bunch of rumors and bullshit. If literally any accusation was legit, why has he not been charged for anything in the alleged 15 years of sexual harrassment? I can believe that Vic might be occasionally too affectionate but that's not an excuse to drag his name through the mud and get him fired and blacklisted

>> No.10107538



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Ok a few months ago I made a bet where I made this cosplay (I think it went well) Then went to a convention in my city, and everyone asked me my real name and page if I had, the truth is the second cosplay I do in my life and I only do it for pleasure. The help I want is, what other characters can I do in cosplay? It does not matter if the character is hot, the ideas went away.

>> No.10106726


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lurk more

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Old thread is saging: >>10079035

Are you currently there? How did Thursday and Friday go? Best costume you've seen so far? Has anything funny or interesting happened?

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>buy 85mm lens
>crush blacks in lightroom
There you go

>> No.10112239

Is 50mm good enough?
Actually, what lenses do people use for con photography anyway? I saw people running around with some zoom ones but I couldn't catch the focal lengths on those.

>> No.10112257

>crush blacks

>> No.10112315

Not crushed, lifted

>> No.10112319

check the web sites they post on, some sites have the exif data

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