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Fashion style

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but I mean the kawaii fashion version or lolita, not historically

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The other thread didn't specify it was specifically for historical maid stuff.

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Can you even call these slutty miniskirts "maids" ?

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This doesn't seem like a fashion thing though. More like spicy or cute cosplay. Also no maid lolita was posted here so there's no point to this thread. We already have a cosplay maid thread and a lolita maid thread, this thread is unnecessary.

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No fatties edition

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All of this looks like shit

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This looks fcking stupid, like if she forgot to put on a skirt. First image isn’t much better either

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maybe the gloves and tights but rest looks like cheap cosplay garbage. Well the gloves look cheap too.

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how much of cosplay is just "I want to show off how hot I am but don't want to be called a slut"?

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Yeah that’s the point. Why call the cosplayers sluts when they aren’t the ones who came up with the designs?

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>haha im not a slut theyre slut characters made by coomer toxic men
kys. There's a huge difference between a fantasy character made in a fictional story and e-thots using up a character to lazily whore themselves out harder than a junkie prostitute in an alleyway.
Go shill your OF somewhere else

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I can tell you’ve never made a cosplay in your life

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>get a random wig from AliExpress
>put on some whore heels and a generic sex shop outfit
>smartphone photo
>coomer profit

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Ai art thread? Used voldies guide for stable diffusion. Who is voldie? I've heard it before

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Which bot is this?

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aom3 into dreamshaper

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I created this first then img2img in dreamshaper

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What are the links?

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Does anyone know a good website/custom made outfit store I can get for a Kemono Friends Shoebill cosplay outfit? I'm male but it would look androgynous and unassuming I think, but all the ones I see on ebay and others seem questionable qualities.
I've NEVER cosplayed before but I'm willing to do it for personal enjoyment at some point, also my parents don't know about this

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We have a cosplay help general for questions like this

And a crossplay help general if you need help or advice on crossplaying in particular (makeup, padding, proportions etc.)

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you people are a fucking plague. stop killing threads for this garbage. no one wants to help you make your dick hard pretending to be a girl. kys

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I wanna do a cosplay of the lady in black from demon souls, recently finished the game and thought she was really cute. This is a scuffed prototype more or less, I'd appreciate tips and ideas on how to make it work, preferably not with a huge investment. Thanks ^^

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Gotcha, thanks anon

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this loser can kill a thread with his rat face and everyone's nice to him? please cure your brain diseases

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directing someone's on-topic question to appropriate threads to avoid future thread-killing does better than being mean for no reason. It's not as if this board is so fast that a thread from last fucking year is going to be missed once it's bumped off

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fair, you should try cosplaying characters that this character would want to be with, better results

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Too close to home becomes competition

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>want to dress up as professor pyg for a con
>fags wont allow fake knives or a bloody power drill to the con function
Im gonna have to get one of these fake power drills for my cosplay now, arent i

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Lurk before you try to make posts retard

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t. fake knife ban supporter

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whats so about about a fake drill? Yea, it looks like a kid's toy (and it is) but so what? Its a costume. It doesnt really look any stupider than those people walking around with orange-tip plastic guns

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The keekihime nudes are real!

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she cute

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Let's see her snatch

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weak nudes, only one pussy "nude" and isn't even full frontal
>inb4 post 'em
>keekihime nudes
google it

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Dude fuck off, those were all fake.

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FAQ (last updated: January 22nd, 2023): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-URQl5wxxBzP4-VWfMKfLG8ZqOkGt9Yoyo6Qbm333vs/edit?usp=sharing
Cosplay recommendations thread: none atm
Crossplay/crossdressing thread: >>10839846
LARP thread: >>10813669
Sewing general: >>10817921
Makeup, hair, skincare general: >>10809295

Taobao thread: >>10803045
Aliexpress thread: none atm
Stupid j-fashion questions thread: >>10836263

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>Just for the record, what's your definition of "quite small" for a con?
Like, "AA/vendors hall/guests are all in the same hotel ballroom"
>And does it get annoying to be asked for photographs?
I don't usually cosplay extremely popular characters but even at the most intense it's only the annoyance of "another person sees you getting your photo taken and jumps in, extending how long you're posing" and that's over in a minute or two. More often than not someone who recognizes your character will just compliment you rather than ask for a photo.
I wouldn't worry about "can't walk around" level of getting swarmed.

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sounds fair, you mentioned that you have friends who do cosplay but did you ever go alone to a convention while cosplaying? And even if you didn't, do you have any advice you could think up from experience?

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Yeah I go solo (or just split off from the group) semi-regularly.
My biggest advice is to not over-think it, people are there for the same reason as you, you're just dressed differently.
Make sure stuff is comfortable, beyond just trying it on and looking in the mirror, is the costume (especially shoes) something you can wear for hours and walk around in?
I'm not great at making conversation, but if someone is open to chatting I'll sometimes talk for a minute or two before we go separate ways. Talking about costume details or how you made/found a specific part they compliment you on is an easy 'in' for conversation.

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>My biggest advice is to not over-think it
>I'm not great at making conversation
what's the social etiquette in general when it comes to approaching people if you want to chat for a bit, especially if they're a group? Are people more approachable in those contexts or do you have to do the same body language analysis like in a normal social setting, like a bar or whatnot.
And secondly, what are some things that annoy you about cosplayers at events? Excluding generic/basic things like bad hygiene, people being horny trying to touch other people etc.
Thanks for the continued responses btw

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People are generally more approachable, like I'd never talk to someone at a bookstore but someone digging through longboxes at a con I might go "oh that's a good series!"
>what are some things that annoy you about cosplayers at events?
Cosplay (at least for me) isn't the same as larping so although it's cool to get my attention by saying the character's name or fish for a signature line I don't like it when people try to carry on a full conversation in-character (especially if we're cosplaying characters who are canonically at odds with each other). Just talk to me like a person.
Also don't "jokingly" correct cosplays, like "where's your [prop]?" or "hey [character], where's [co-star]?" because it comes across as more disparaging or annoying and there's not really any good answer. Stick to talking about what they DO have.

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Last thread: >>10829325

Post heinous price gouging, scalping, bad secondhand etiquette, and seller sperging here.

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Thats what I dont get about some of these second hand prices. Why am I going to pay new prices for something I can get brand new straight from the store, like...

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emergency sale

>> No.10845580

hasnt she been trying to sell that for months now

>> No.10845652

Would look better as an iron cover desu

>> No.10845763

>actually plus size
that explains it

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brown one, honey-eater, grandfather, destroyer, shaggy coat. whatever you (don't) want to call them, they're everywhere in jfashion.

post some bears.

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>When you only have a phone to use to take cosplay pics.

What are the best ways and settings to get the most of using only a smartphone to take pics with?

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plus carrying photo gear in a con always flags you out as a predator/pedo anyway.

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based helios enjoyer

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The best way is to get as much light as possible. Do shoots outdoors in the sun. Any phone camera can produce good results in a well lit environment.
If you want to get a "bokeh" portrait effect, instead of digital zoom and fake blur, leave your zoom on 1x and actually walk closer to your face, and make sure your background is far away from you, meaning don't pose in front of a wall.
If you're indoors even a flashlight can improve things compared to on-camera flash. Have the light on your left or right on the same level as your face for the most flattering effect. Having it above or below your face makes creepy or unflattering shadows. The on-camera flash will flatten your face and make harsh shadows around your nose and ears.

>> No.10845679

OP here, thank you all for the advice.

What do you think of the HDR function? Does it help or is it a hindrance?

>> No.10845681

It's a tool, nothing more or less. What it does is essentially make it so that you can include really bright and dark areas on the same image without having spots really shadowy or bright. Try it if you're in a scene with really bright lights and see if you like it.

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Cosplay Constuction Thread!
What are you working on? What are some tips, tricks, or designs you like or want to share?

I just got a resin printer and have figured out that if you break the bottom film you can replace it with any clear plastic (ie a clear clothing bag or a few layers of plastic wrap) it installs like an embroidery loop

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I originally planned to make Sailor Jupiter this year, even bought the materials and everything but for some reason my inspiration fell through like a hot rock and so did my convention plans, so I switched gears to making a couple's costume of Barbie and Ken for the upcoming movie.

>I just got a resin printer
How exciting! What project(s) are you hoping to make with it?

>> No.10843651

I WAS WRONG DON'T DO THAT UNLESS YOU USE MANY LAYERS, or thick vinyl will work too, I made it too thin like a dingus. -for use in emergencies-

I'd like to make a bjd as well as some wearable pieces

>> No.10843652

The couples cosplay looks like a cute idea! The movie looks like it'll be fun

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>get Bambu P1P
>first print succeeds
>second print has this happening every time

I've cleaned the bed and recalibrated. What's the deal?

>> No.10844218

maybe the machine isn't cooling down fast enough or getting too hot? or whatever seals the tip after it prints isn't closing all the way? I don't have this machine or style of printer so I have no idea I'm just guessing

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tewi cosplay that made tetasgore or keu shitt

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"hey guyyyys what do you think of my cosplay :3??"

>> No.10843087

>high exposure
>mouth covering
bait thread but it's obviously edited so it's not obvious how ugly this failmale is (and how low effort the cosplay is).

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I didn't do the cosplay, a friend of mine did it, if I have photos I'll show them because I think I delete their Instagram

>> No.10844239

that's my gf

>> No.10844262

Just say that you hate your nose atp

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I'm working on getting the finishing touches on my first cosplay for a con this month. I'm doing Dallas from Payday. If you have any constructive criticism, let me know. I have like two weeks to tweak it.

What I know needs work
>wearing a beanie under the mask
isn't correct but the straps make my hair look awful

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slather your beard in gel and hairspray so it sits very close to your face. easier if your hair is longer

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>helmet liner
this is a great idea. thanks anon
honestly just not in the budget this month.
yeah, I have a chest rig with SMG mags in it but after having done this I realized that going for a realistic concealable look isn't visually interesting and I may swap it out for my plate carrier. I also have the duffle and fake cash on the way

>> No.10843341

do you know what shade of blue would look best? I get darker but I'm hesitant to fuck it up by going too dark.
I am a retard for not considering this. thanks muchly

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File: 9 KB, 184x184, 903924fd9d443f43e7b121d085062fbdd2064f25_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The shade of blue seems to vary across promo pics and cover illustrations but i would say, like... mid blue or a lighter navy blue. The reason I suggest it is your current one feels a little too pale so something generally bolder, deeper, or more saturated. But since I don't have the actual prop in hand I can't be super precise.

>> No.10844626

Straight up should have bought the HEAT rig from Kommandostore baka

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>post accounts you follow
>ask for/share advice
>keep it civil

>act like a retard
>insult other people

*don't self-post if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defend yourself

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Instagram was pushing reels for the longest time. They went the same route as Facebook in terms of visibility- they want you to pay to promote your posts. If you don’t, your reach is low. Pictures get next to zero engagement which is baffling since that was the entire premise of the platform- sharing your pictures

>> No.10843467

Anon....do you realize youre also posting here? Is this some kind of projection?

>> No.10843486

Thanks, Coca-Cola Bear. I love your tv work.

>> No.10843491

the difference is I'm not bragging about it

>> No.10843504

Reels and Carousels (multiple photos in one post)
Carousels show up organically in followers' feeds twice, both times with different pics from the same post

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Good evening, /cgl/

I want to dress as Mario to my local cinema for the Super Mario Bros. Movie, launching on April 5th, 2023

However, I need to find a cobbler or a shoemaker who will design me these shoes. I’d also like to discuss the other aspects of the costume, I’m willing to drop some dough.

Where can I get a good costume designer, or at least the closest materials possible

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It will look stupid because he's trying to get the proportions of the costume even though he doesn't have the proportions of the cartoon. His feet will look like hooves

>> No.10843444

He might as well make a mascot costume in that case

>> No.10843679

Based helper anon

>> No.10843855

Bumping for interest

>> No.10845381

Mf just be Mario lmao!

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Previous thread >>10840421

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The sad part is that those are the two best things about this coord.

>> No.10845797

So many things itas do are so easy to fix. Get a better background (or just take a pic outside somewhere), iron or steam your clothes, and put that wig properly on your head, the false parting is literally on your forehead

>> No.10845798

also too many different pinks in one outfit. The bonnet is hideous. Those shoes don't go.

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File: 1.11 MB, 971x1129, D42A5375-3EC6-4B4D-9B71-501F4D598CC9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

greasy slob kei

>> No.10845826 [DELETED] 

I will happily take grandpa-kei wearers over pastel DDLG pastel baby boys

I would call this ita, just new and trying their best. which is decent, unlike so much of this thread

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