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Have you ever had any /cgl/ related dreams? Share!

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that does sound like a stressful dream

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Sometimes it's stress dreams

>> huge event coming up
>> trying to get ready
>> stuff missing
>> clothes not fitting right
>> parts (necklaces, bracelets, clips) breaking
>> time moving fast
>> miss event

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>last night's dream
>brought mom to one of the kalahari's for a colossal con since its a normie party con and shes never seen one before
>this dream one also had outdoor roller coasters
>we can't find much to do and the arcade's power is off so we try to leave
>its a maze and can't find the exits
>wandering though so many different areas and restaurants as the people there keep telling us to stay
>mom starts thinking maybe we should stay, maybe we should work here we don't have to leave
>oh fuck no not like this its a god damn trap
>eventually through the protests I drag her out of the building and she snaps out of it and we start warning people as we get the hell out of there

started as a nice normal con dream but took a fun spooky hotel california twist for a bit

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I'll make sure to include pic not related for you next time. Cute hat though right?

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I rarely dream, but I've had quite a few about finding a lolita store or thrift store, filled with cheap brand and going on a shopping spree.

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Is a good cosplay the key to getting new friends at convention when you go alone?

I'm a bit shy/autistic so I don't know well how to approach people, so I end up getting there to look at cosplayers/merchs/panels, while not being able to really socialize as I don't want to bother by "forcing" myself in pre-existing group or stopping people...
I wonder if getting a good cosplay would help me as people could potentially go talk to me on their own.

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just be normal and talk to people bruh

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Stop using being shy as an excuse. You’re expecting total strangers to put in all the effort to become friends with you. That’s completely one sided and it’s not how you make friends. You have to force yourself outside of your comfort zone if you want friends. Having a nice cosplay will really only lead to people asking for a quick pic. You’re gonna have to make an effort by starting and maintaining a conversation with them. Also don’t expect it to just magically happen on the spot. It takes time for a real friendship to grow. If they’re down for hanging out at the con, then that’s cool. If they’re busy, just exchange social media info and keep in touch here and there

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shut the fuck up

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ive talked to random ppl at cons and it went well. im going to Animazement alone this year tho but im glad other ppl go to cons alone too

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Trying to get pirate pilled for my Ren fair
I need info on some good tips on makeup, costume ETC.
(im a real sailor *racing* but i wanna start cosplay for this
Put tips and some guides in replys

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Old thread hit bump limit

>tfw you find out that the Chainsaw Man character your bf convinced you to cosplay is famous for not wiping or flushing when she shits.

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Lose weight.

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I will be a 60-year old going to cosplay conventions and not scoring any pussy because i'm a golden retriever dude who's autistic and doesn't have much interest in socializing outside the nerd universe, and I don't give a fuck. I love doing what I do and someday the big randomic chance of real life will put some crazy woman who's gonna want me and that's it.

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u mad?

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Don't project, tubby.

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Maybe they're asian

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What do you lift for, anon?

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to carryfuck my gf

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What’s on your playlist?.

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JAM Project compilation album

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I usually just find a good compilation album or set to throw on when I'm driving. aptget has a bunch of his sets up on his site if you need an easy link to one. The songs are almost all JP stuff, but he has a lot of good variety in his tracks. tunes.apt-get.xyz/streams

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this guy fucks

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Happy Valentine's Day

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Heiter meets the criteria but I am looking for more (cooler) options. anime characters preferably.

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Just do whatever u want bro

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Dont have a character to give but ways to find some yourself if you're interested.
I'd recommend using booru sites such as danbooru or gelbooru. They're great for finding anime characters be it for games or anime and manga. You just type in the things you want your character to look like for example in this case "1boy short_hair glasses" and look at the resulsts. Each artwork has tags on the side showing ya wich Series/Franchise they're from. In addition I'd recommend changing the settings to sfw and or using the tag "official_art" to filter for more high quality content

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noice thankyou!
always wanted to do a state alchemist.

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Where can I buy it or how can I make them?

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Hey Gulls, with Valentine’s day right around the corner let’s celebrate by putting our salt aside and posting our lolita favourites! Can be a favourite lolita, coord, blogger, brand, model, print, sub style or anything so long as this thread remains a positive space. I’ll start, dump incoming.

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I’m the sole remaining active mod of Lolita valentines. We moved from LJ to FB years ago. It’s been years since the last submission, but if I ever got any I’m always keeping an eye out so ai can make a new post ◕w◕

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Lovely thread, happy Valentine's gulls <3

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comfy lolita valentine's day pics

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no thread? let's go!!

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I forgot this con was a thing and the rooms are sold out it seems oh well

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Across 2022 was my biggest con ever, but I heard the venue change for last year ruined any chance of that happening again. Sad

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Across 2022 was my biggest dark horse con ever, but I heard the venue change for last year ruined any chance of that happening again. Sad!

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What's the tea? Let me live vicariously through you! What was it like in real life? What was the space like? How was the crowd? Tell all!

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A lot of the people sitting were the models families and friends who were not assigned a seat. It was really rude and entitled. I also saw the organizers move people out of their assigned seats because they wanted to sit down showed up.

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Definitely this guy. At least ATL sissy stopped showing up to meets.

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I think this is an awful mindset that runs rampant with a lot of /cgl/ threads; Anons always are sad that lolita fashion is dying, but reject all newcomers because they don’t have the perfect body and appearance for it. Of course skinny and attractive pale girls in lolita will always look better (because it’s been considered the “standard” for so many years), but you shouldn’t be surprised when so little people actually wear the fashion.

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nayrt but I don't think it matters how much we police or gatekeep the english speaking comm. It's not like we're the ones keeping the brands going. The main customer base for lolita is japanese and chinese. I don't think discouraging certain people from wearing lolita in the western comm would kill the fashion in general, or will kill it quicker than it is already declining if you believe lolita is dying in the first place.

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Этo мecтo тeпepь мoй тyaлeт.

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I've made this cosplay the past year and I wanted to share it with the comunity since I dont really found anyone making this skin before
I'm a newbie cosplayer and this is my first big proyect so it have a lot of things to improve and remake, but I hope you guys like it

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last one hit bump limit

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Stuff with a zipper at the back and/or no shirring. I also see some listed as 87 and 86cm bust but I don't think I'll push it with those.
Rote Rose OP
Dolores JSK

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I'm really into vkei and I like angura kei, but I'm struggling to figure out where to buy a lot of appropriate items like the old fashioned gakuran hats, traditional umbrellas, platform geta, etc. Any shop recommendations or general search terms?

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I don't see a skincare general so I'll just ask here. Does anyone with the Hado Labo Gokujyun Premium Lotion use it together with a moisturizer? Like underneath, as a toner. I'm considering buying a bottle but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be used as a standalone moisturizer or if I need a separate moisturizer on top.

>> No.10903982

A lotion in Japanese skin care is much thinner than a regular moisturiser, what the Japanese call a lotion=toner in the west, you will most likely want to use a moisturiser on top of the HL gokujyun lotion. I have tried a lot of HL products and prefer to put on a milk (aka emulsion) after a lotion.

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I'm interested in a few recently released items from Baby that are listed as sold out on their website. I see that it's possible to contact them about said items and inquire if they're in stock in physical stores, but only if you're located in Japan. I planned on ordering them through my Japanese SS anyway, how would I go about contacting Baby on their behalf?

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Inferno Cop weeps. Can't have shit in Jersey.

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What's the TLDR drama?

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Basically the everyone sucks in this scenario. In 2022 The Atlantic City Convention Center dropped mask requirements and the con organizers chimped out and broke their contract early, leaving AC behind. The new venue was a shit show as it was in 2 locations with a 20 minute drive between the two. People were pissed after having to wait 3 years and for the con dropping masks & vaccine cards a week before the con.

>> No.10902705

Can't say I'm surprised by this development whatsoever. Last year was a complete shitshow and I only went because my 2020 ticket got rolled over for 3 years. I didn't even bother taking off work for the Friday or going on Sunday. Throwing tantrums over not being able to enforce mask mandates in the ACCC, expecting to be told by the convention center and hotels that there's another event taking place in the city that weekend (no shit, it's Atlantic City?), and not being able to force random passerbys to wear masks in a public area was completely unhinged and I knew it wasn't going to end well.
4 years without a con in the last 5 years. AnimeNext is dead. This used to be really fun and well run. too. Real shame.

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It seems almost as being an obsessive compulsive control freak and getting high on power dont team up so well and are bad for business.
This whole burning car wreck of a cat urine transporter is simply people with the emotional maturity of a five year old being able to decide more than what they themself eat for breakfast and spiralling into cartoon villain levels of a god complex. It would be almost funny if retards like this wouldn't destroy one nerd hobby after another with being that easy to manipulate by actual adult politics.

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that's nice to hear but let me saying this, your entire continent is irrelevant to this country. i'm only aware of estonia and latvia because ive interacted with people from there before on the internet. just think how the average american hasnt heard of any country besides germany france italy and maybe sometimes spain. we have 50 fucking states here to think about and then our friends up north and then south before we even pay attention to you. meanwhile, we live in your head rent free

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>107 days until Fanime
>No vaccines but still have mask mandate in place

Did you get the hotel you wanted?
What are your cosplay plans?
How are we feeling about this year?

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Genesis volunteers don't even get free badges

>> No.10902785

Impulse feels like a mall where people just go for a few hours look at stuff then leave

>> No.10903410

Why no vaccines but masks required? Wouldn't the opposite make more sense if you required one of them?

>> No.10903462

Anime Destiny hosted at UC Berkeley has a nice vibe to it. It's a small more intimate one I'd recommend checking out if you're looking for a single day con.

>> No.10903485

>Anime Impulse is doing a ton of stuff
Which one, because the Pomona event sucked ass this year.

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Years ago, when cosplay started getting popular, but also sexual, I remember being a big fan of a certain cosplayer. They turned out to be quite rude to their fans, and I was left being disappointed by it.

Later as the years went by, I came upon information that her cosplay hype died down, her twitch and vtuber arc couldn't lift off the ground, and she lost her twitter verification, and just isn't popular anymore.

Basically what I'm trying to say in this thread is; fuck that whore. But also how has the cosplay community/scene been? Has it gotten more slutty? Worse? Better? Are people chill, or rude? Tell me your experiences from before (5-10 years ago) v.s now.

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There are no women on the Internet.

>> No.10902777

Cosplay “influencers” need to die

>> No.10902822

Im a fit poster and on tren. Try again bro

>> No.10902826

>They turned out to be quite rude to their fans, and I was left being disappointed by it.

Its the same but even worse. Now you have discordnigger fiefdoms instead of the threat of being punched in retaliation.

>> No.10902827

really defeats the whole fucking purpose of cons. to join one.

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Where is joom.com located? I'm white and I want to order a cosplay costume from Joom but I don't know what size to order it in. I live in Ireland and I'm a size medium and if joom is in asia I might have order a size up due to the costume being made for asian male bodies

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Who's gonna cosplay her?

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>> No.10902570

who is they?

>> No.10902649

Pictures or it didn't happen

>> No.10902661

SHE is the protagonist of the upcoming game Stellar Blade. Her body was modeled after a real person but women in America are up in arms about her because they are obese, dysgenic mongrels. They call her body unrealistic, problematic, pedophilic etc.

>> No.10902762

Oh fuck yes. I wish she would just man the fuck up and started doing full on nude content on her fansly. Not porn per se, but artistic nude and erotic cosplay.

>> No.10902763

Nora will cosplay her

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>cosplayer starts while taking the hobby seriously
>does props, full costumes, sometimes sexy but only if she genuinely likes the character
>she notices her few sexy cosplay gets insanely more popular than the non-sexy stuff
>eventually, she does more ero-cosplay than non-ero
>starts selling content but is non-risky stuff
>then goes full erotic with risky angles
>some pictures have little glimpses of her areola
>she is still against nudity
>after constant begging (and because she already sold some pictures and knows they would eventually leak anyway) she post her tits
>then full nude
>cosplay is set aside and most of her pictures now are lingerie, nude, ocacionally cosplaying the waifu of the month
>at the end, you can find hd pictures of her spreaded pussy

Why does this happens so much?

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this is amouranth???

>> No.10902452

I wouldn't care that much if these thots were actually making money but like 99% of girls on onlyfans are selling their pussy for $10 a month to a group of like a dozen dudes at most

>> No.10902466

Cute thighs

>> No.10902470

thats comfy if you arent doing anything too lewd
like an extra $200 per month for bikini pics nothing wrong with that

>> No.10902521

There are cases where the opposite happens

>Camwhore who used to do porn became a cosplayer. She still does sexy content but not outright porn anymore
>Onlyfans girl who only did it for the money, never really liked doing explicit content and recently stopped to focus on her vtuber shit and cosplay, knows she will lose money but its ok for her mental health
>Girl who used to do sexy content for 5 years, lost interest in sexy content over the years
>Girl who used to do gravure and other cosplay. Had cosplans to do more sexy content but started to become famous and stopped her spicy content to improve her image towards companies who could sponsor her. She's been invited overseas as a guest officially so her plan is working

Sexy content sounds like the easy way to success, but the market is saturated. What ELSE you bring to the table is more important