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Post pics of the beautiful and mysterious Imai Kira herself,
talk about art and collaboration pieces.

Topic starters: What is your favorite design? What was the first Imai Kira design you fell in love with? Do you like her older or newer designs better? Have you met her, and if so, deets?

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It’s not specifically cultural but privacy concerns surrounding social media are much more prevalent in Japan than in many other countries. Younger people like your students are becoming more comfortable with it, but it’s not unusual for Japanese people in their 20s and above to not want to post their face online. It’s largely the reason why Twitter is much more popular than Facebook with Japanese users

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I used to translate a bunch of these articles from GLB, but it had no appreciation or whatsoever, so I stopped. Translations were never popular in my blog / tumblr era, so I felt like it was not needed.

If no one is commenting or sharing on these posts I just feel it's not wanted.

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Having a native English speaker proofread your translations will help you immensely.
I can’t tell you how many incredible comics I’ve read that failed to reach English readers and inevitably stopped updating as a result, simply because the translation was complete nonsense.

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Where did you post them? I haven't seen any GLB translations since lj days.

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I also did a GLB article translation and posted it here and someone reposted it to Tumblr (with my permission) but outside of the oldschool crowd it didn't really get any readership. I got some nice responses on here, and I enjoyed doing it, but it's a ton of work on articles with a decade out of date information.

Plus there's way less actual content in GLBs than people think. Maybe one article per volume is worth translating in full.

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Sup Guys.
I have good friend of mine and she really thinks that she is not pretty. What your opinion about her? Just hope to show her some nice comments=|

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She looks like that main lesbo from orange is the new black. That would be a pretty easy cosplay

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She’s not pretty, just cute.

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Rat face

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post in /soc/

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i wouldn't say she is particularly attractive, also it's one pic from an angle

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Spring has Sprung

Last thread >>10151847

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Cool mom

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>i don't care about sticking out!
>whole post is about sticking out

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They openly talk/rant about cgl and use cgl phrases.

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Fuck off she’s one of the best lolitas out there, she has cancer

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Beginning cosplayer here I want to start with somthing really cool armor wise since I don’t have a piller man body yet. Any tips for making armor cosplay?

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Use the help thread and google

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Eh.... I made one on /fa/ but unlikely it'll get any response.

>wash wigs

Whats the best bang-for-your-buck shampoo? Best quality for the price. I want something that makes hair (these wigs, or hell my own hair) the best it can be for a reasonable price. I dont mind paying a more for haircare on my own head, but I'm not trying to buy $50 bottles for my wigs.

There must be a brand or something that has a rep for high quality and a good price. Whats the product or brand right at that cross section of good stuff and not crazy expensive?

>> No.10154301

Wigs and hair are two different kinds of structure. A wig is synthetic and it's basically like washing plastic. You don't need anything fancier than dish soap or baby shampoo. Then when it's dry, comb it out with a detangler spray that has silicone in it, like Mane n Tail.

For your real hair that depends so much on the kind of hair you have, this isn't really the place to get answers for it.

Also, use the help thread in the future.

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candy girl

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My girlfriend wants to buy a replica dress to wear to prom, and then never wear it again. In the past she's made fun of several fashion styles & the people who wear them, and has said she doesnt want to be seen with me in public while I'm wearing lolita. Do I have the right to be upset?

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I dont see how its different from other reaction images of girls sipping tea but im sorry, I'll delete it from my reaction image folder.
I wanted genuine advice desu.
Yeah, I've been a little pressured to buy more dresses and blouses because I have nowhere near enough to be a lifestyle lolita. It's kind of weird and I cant afford those drycleaning bills.

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Sorry again for the doublepost but I found out the reason why.
She and 6 other friends are having their own prom. It's clown themed. She wants to look like a clown. I dont know what I expected. Of course she wasnt genuinely interested in the fashion. I wanna fucking cry lmao. I hate this.

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She sounds like such a jerk. Can you just leave her already?

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Now we know you’re a lyin foo

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This thread was moved to >>>/adv/20815566

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Hey /cos/, I am doing a survey on an increase in willingness to socialise and wearing a full body outfit which covers the face.

Say you aren't exactly the person to start a conversation with somebody you don't know. But if you were to get an outfit that covers your head/ face, would you be more willing to socialise? If you already own a cosplay outfit, are you more willing to reach out to others? Thanks /cos/. This really helps.


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Ok, so, first of all, this isn't 7+1chan.

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I think that furries would be more of your target demographic than cosplayers, OP

>> No.10154328

do you know where you are, OP?

>> No.10154344

I had a feeling this would apply more to fursuiting, so I put a survey on /trash/ also.

>> No.10154348

This is a thread for a survey, if you do not want to participate in the survey, feel free to leave.

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This is Saya, one of the original queens of /cgl/. She committed suicide today 10 years ago.

Say something nice about her.

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Damn, fucking weeabo couldn't have an hero'd a day earlier? Would have been a true queen amongst Gods like Dylan and Eric.

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I'm sad when I hear things like this. I hope that she had some good happy days cosplaying.

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Looks like Kipi won after all

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What's the lore

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May you all be blessed on this day!
Post any Easter lolita coords or cosplay pics

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There was already an easter thread yesterday

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Maisie Williams cosplay thread

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Hey guys, so I'm currently working on this Gridman cosplay but I'm not sure what to do with the pepakura files after I'm done with it. Do I sell it off? I don't want some asshole to distribute it for free without my consent either.

Pic is just to show what I'm actually going to make

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I've got the whole thing modelled out too, although I'm still trying to figure out how to connect the parts. Anybody have any clue?

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Did/will you wear anything Easter themed this week?
What's your favourite Easter related release?

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maybe if there are kids in the family but if you come from a non-religious family who are now all adults easter is just another long weekend

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non-sweet here, but i like this! print name svp?

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It's AP's Romantic Little Garden! It's so comfy, I would definitely recommend.

>> No.10156324

The perfect Brolita dress!

>> No.10156327

A good print for Passover? I love prints that go with Jewish holiday themes.

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Old thread hit image limit >>10102923

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. "Boystyle" is shorthand for "boystyle lolita" and refers to the masculine counterparts of lolita and, often, aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. So, consider this a thread for those whose style is on the right half of Buttcape's Lolita Family Triangle: http://www.kawacura.com/moripress/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/0dmmLH6-350x350.jpg

>Shopping spreadsheet

>Buttcape-sensei's shopping guide (mentions which brands/shops have men's or custom sizes):

>Blogs for current boystyle releases, news, and info

Google your questions before asking them here.

Read the whole thread before asking questions here.

OC and selfposts encouraged! Random picspam discouraged.

Discussion: Is Buttcape our only resource now? Are all the other blogs dead or out of date?

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it seems like the sort of thing that would have made a useful pattern in the GLB

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>back on Twitter
@Jiro_u3 being perfect as usual

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Like all other countless funny compilations on youtube

>> No.10156724

But there aren't many lolitas on tiktok or YouTube and there weren't many on vine. Where will people get their funny clips from? I like the idea but it seems like there will be a lack of content

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Why do people always ask "Where's [supporting character]" or "Where's your [prop]?" when they recognize the character you're cosplaying?
I mean, what do you want me to say?

>> No.10156784

They’re mocking you for being single, you don’t say anything.

>> No.10156921

theyre using FA to buy burando. probably at SAC and members of asian pop society where the dumbass idols blow their money on usakumyas they cant afford

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>> No.10157029

Why the name, fag?

>> No.10157033

Oh god did she make that blouse out of grammy’s curtains???

>> No.10157076

Underaged b&

>> No.10157080

I seriously think she looks cute, I don't care. She's endearingly round and looks like a cupcake lmao.

>> No.10157086

Why is summer getting longer and longer.

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Why are so many financially successful cosplayers not only bad at cosplay but painfully unfunny?

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>> No.10153260

>just a cunt hair over the line of legal.
>It’s not a vendetta post to talk about one individual.
You what?

>> No.10153272

You can talk about someone without it being a vendetta

>> No.10153279

I think she's too intentionally famous for it to count as a vendetta. If someone chooses to put themself in the public eye they should never be considered exempt from criticism.

>> No.10153638

Do women still think cosplay is about craftsmanship? It's about sex appeal. Always has been.

>> No.10153668

Desu, sex sells

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Previous thread: >>10149323

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>> No.10157048

Where did you see the news??

>> No.10157050

Oh fuck seriously?

>> No.10157056


>> No.10157079

I just wish one day AP will release more items with Vanilla-chan and Milky-chan, but AP doesn't really repeat characters as far as I remember...

>> No.10157087

> but AP doesn't really repeat characters as far as I remember...

>what is lyrical bunny
>what is shyness bear

Fucking newfags

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>I will never understand cosplay guests
>So... you dress up?
>Like what's your talent?
>Dressing up?
>I understand cosplaying for fun
>But like... a guest?
>Why would I wanna meet someone who dresses up?
>I don't get it

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Cosplay used to be seen more of as a conversation starter at cons, and an invitation for those into the same series to come talk to you about it. As someone who has cosplayed from series that I am both familiar and unfamiliar with, it’s infinitely more fun to dress up as a character you love and goof around when you’re approached. Not to mention cosplay is an expensive hobby, so putting a lot of time and effort into something you aren’t a big fan of can be pretty daunting.

I would say it’s more expected for “flavor of the month” type cosplays but it does suck going up to someone cosplaying from a niche series, making a little joke about something the character does and getting a blank stare in return. It also sucks to cosplay from things that are popular and be asked if you have “actually played the game” so I would say this affects people who both like and don’t like the series they’re cosplaying from.

>> No.10155688

Yaya's construction is still around where it was back in the day: solid but not mind-blowing as more of the community continues to improve around her. I would never consider her one of the top craftspeople today but she's probably the most successful cosplay business owner in the community, deals with more sponsors and corporations than probably anyone, and is a very experienced judge. She brings value as a cosplay guest but it's a specific kind of value.

>> No.10155776

I'm not saying that her construction skills simply vanished, I'm saying that they played little to no part in why she is famous and "successful". If I asked the average con-goer (or even normies) what Yaya Han is famous for, they will most likely mention cleavage-heavy costumes, not costume construction.

She stated in an interview maybe a decade ago that she makes the majority of her money by selling stuff like gloves, cat ears, etc and used to go to cons specifically to sell her gear. Now, the fake tits are her cash cows. Pathetic, really.

>> No.10155798

I was a baby cosplayer back in the early 2000s, and everyone I know looked up to Yaya because of her craftsmanship chops (which back then was on another level).

>She stated in an interview maybe a decade ago that she makes the majority of her money by selling stuff like gloves, cat ears, etc and used to go to cons specifically to sell her gear. Now, the fake tits are her cash cows

No? She still sells cat ears and things at her con booth, although I imagine she makes a lot of her money through her fabric line and partnerships with Joann's. Her boob job increased her popularity for sure but she's nowhere near the average thot who makes cash by selling softcore porn lewds.

>> No.10155801

I'm someone who hate Yaya but I will admit she 's a good business woman. Unlike other costhots, when her boobs finally deflate, she can still at least have a future,

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Anyone going to this today/this weekend?

I haven't gone in 5 years, any idea why they're back at the Sheraton instead of downtown? Feels like a downgrade and that they got kicked out or something similar.

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>> No.10153812

tell me more

>> No.10153900

Apparently someone was going around putting roofies in peoples drinks at the rave. When will people learn that sitting your drink down UNATTENDED in ANY public space is the dumbest thing you can do.

>> No.10154309

The old downtown convention center doesn't exist anymore, Opryland would be too expensive for the con, and the new convention center doesn't allow late-night events without charging ridiculous fees, so everything would have to end at 9-10. Of course, MTAC wouldn't be big enough for the new center anyway.

At this point, it's a Nashville problem and less an MTAC problem. Shit sucks.

>> No.10154577

It's still a problem for mtac. It is WAY to big to be at the Sheraton (and other hotel) . I haven't been in years because u couldn't even move through the hallway last time. Not to mention hour long lines for each panel because the rooms were so small.

>> No.10155755

Post pictures!
I couldn't take any because of my cosplay

File: 1.31 MB, 860x1214, Asui.Tsuyu.full.2173453.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Hey. This is a cosplay story. My story, i don't see many cosplay stories here so i'll post mine. It's kinda long but please stick around, i promise you wont regret it.

>Be Me
>14, Just got into cosplay photography but still just having fun at cons,
>year before i made an AMV that won 2nd place at local con
>very hyped
>1 new comment on AMV
>"ooh whats this?"
>comment: this amv is plagarized from another creator, this amv fucking sucks and i would've voted for you at the contest if you hadn't had cheated
>reply with like a nice message not to tick them off
>no response
>ff 1 year
>same con, enter the amv contest again
>won opening ceremonies amv (important later)
>my name was at the end
>behind me i hear a girl talking
>"I think i know that guy i left a comment on his video last year"
>Instantly know
>try to find her but room was too dark
>ff to day 3 of con
>amv contest happens
>my amv comes up
>"Hey it's that guy again i was telling you about!"
>instantly know
>look back
>i see a cute tsyuu cosplayer
>no fucking way
>could it be
>is that the same person who left a hate comment on my video a year ago?
>amv starts and don't get a chance to talk to her
>leave, but when i am i see her at the exit
>too much of a pussy to say hi
>ff later that day
>con closing in about 5 minutes
>playing some mariokart when out of nowhere
>no way
>it's her
>She sits down right beside me.
>i pause my game
>she puts on Sadistic Music Factory hardest difficulty and starts FULL COMBOING it.
>all the dudes are surrounding her and im just right beside her staring like an idiot.
>she finishes the song like a god
>some guys cheer, some look really salty
>she starts to talk to her friend
>come on anon, now's your chance
>tap her friend on the shoulder
>"Hey uh, could i talk to your friend real quick?"
>she turns and grabs the tsyuu
>points at me
>"What do you want?"

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>> No.10152885

>posting that you're only 15
you must be 18 to use this site. also, we are not your fucking blog.

>> No.10152916
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oke blah blah, lets just skip to the good bits

>October now
>Talking for around 2 month's now, still pretty chill, finally ask her to go to another con
>Pretty small con and no need for cosplay but she immediately accepts
>Next day we meet up and walk around, i point out a piano (because we have random public pianos on the streets here) and ask her if she want's to play
>She sits down and of course plays nothing other than megalovania
>normie but she's hot so whatever.
>crowd starts to form due to nice sounds coming from piano
>why does a crowd form around her every time she does something i swear to god this is an anime
>She finishes her playing, some people clap and we get on with the day.

>so blah blah blah we go to the con nothing there really except for me acting like a retard for a lovelive show with my lumica
>She's hungry so we decide to get something to eat since there's a ton of food trucks outside
>Go to a truck and order, start to pay for our food, only had my debit
>"You guys take debit?"
>"Nah man Sorry" The guy says
>"Shoot, let me go get some cash from the ATM Soph i'll brb"
>"Nono! It's all cool i got this one"
>"Wait, you sure the atm is ju-?"
>"Anon, it's all good" She said as she gave me a smile
>That moment.
>I'm sure some of you anon's out there can relate. There's not many girls like this and I felt like i had struck gold after a lifetime of mining. Or when you were 8 and you finally beat that boss on Mario Galaxy 2.
>So that's when, I think. I fell in love with this girl.
I know right? Pretty fucking anticlimatic. But this story isn't make believe, i didn't cum on her face or tit's as one of you anon's suggested and that's how this story is gonna go. If it was all sunshine i wouldn't be telling this story, because where's the fun in that? I'll write more tomorrow. or i'll forget and this thread will just drift off in the cesspool of other stories here. Goodnight anons. hope you all get some rest.

>> No.10152952

Buzz off forever.

>> No.10152954

Story sounds cute and all, but did you finally?
and of course a court is always around her
she is a girl after all

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>Cesspool of other stories
Wow, you obviously don't know shit about /cgl/. We're a slow board. If you had lurked a little you would have noticed, but it's too late now. I hope you've had a good night's sleep and will continue writing.

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