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lol is this what you dykes actually look like irl?

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It's an old photo, newfag

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Yeah it's always open season on crackers!

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I want to know as well. Is this an ita meet up?

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omg you are so alt desu!

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>falling for blatant bait like this
fucking newfags, I s2g

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Post pics of your favorite Enji cosplays or ones you did because of her.

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Omgosh so sexy I love this cosplay of her so much!!!!11

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OMG UFC 255 Streaming

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Link to old thread: >>10502087

Ask dumb questions, wash your clothes, etc

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Already did for main pieces, but wanting to get some accessories and possibly some shoes.

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Different taste

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Good to know, thanks

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AP has a really big collector market and limited releases.

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Lolita collective isn't that bad

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Let's discuss all the things that go into creating and consuming content about our niche across the various platforms.

Here's some questions to get us started. Answer as many or as little as you like.
1. What type of content do you create? (ie. Lolita, cosplay, or more specifically: cosplay tutorials, Lolita brand reviews, etc.)
2. What platform(s) do you post your content?
3. How long have you been creating content?
4. What has been your best equipment investment.
5. What piece of equipment wasn't worth the investment?
6. What is something that you wished you knew going at the start?
7. What are your short or long term goals for the future?

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Ah, that's so kind of you to say. You can do it, anon! We both can!

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Do you post any content, soup?

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I got canceled :(

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rip :(

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Unmotivated edition.

I guess one upside to not having cons is that one girl from my comm who always bunks with me is a sleep humper, and I don't need to worry about that now.

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Confront it head on anon.

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...I just noticed that typo in the first sentence

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>I miss the chaotic mornings of crowding the hotel room bathrooms to do makeup

Oh god that one hit me right in the feels. That’s some real bonding time. I fucking miss my friends

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I dont think that can possibly go well if I’m right it’ll hurt them if I’m wrong it’ll be super weird. I just want friends

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i haven't been in a relationship for almost 3 years... i try dating people but it never works out for more than a few months, or we never even date since i just hope they like me too but never do. i'm pretty and don't have any serious problems so idk what is wrong with me.. feels like shit. usually it's going great with a guy and then he ghosts me out of nowhere or gets another gf. i can't do this for much longer gulls.

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MAGFest announced their virtual event to replace Super MAGFest 2021. In VR Chat - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z62GQxIQTwE
... followed by former and current volunteers/staff/paid employees publicly accusing the MAGFest Board of Directors as being the cancer killing MAGFest. - https://friendsofmag.com/

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Damn shame as I like going to magfest. Doesn't sound like much the attendees can do. Either the staff sorts their shit out or the con collapses.

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Outside of the allegations of being an asshole, what are they?
I read these documents, it sounds like everyone's pissed off that they aren't getting paid what they want and might have to seek alternative employment. The new executive in charge doesn't sound like he gives a single fuck about the scene, but everyone he's been interrogating also sounds like part of an outright cabal of creeps and similarly detached jerks. They're all flashing their asses and pretending they aren't right now, and it's not even fun to watch.

For the record, if your boss is trying to suss out weak links and manipulative networks he's been tasked with managing, don't go to him hand in hand and demand things because all it's going to tell him is that you all need to be fired to keep the projects and company afloat. So fucking dumb on so many levels.

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Hi, Paul.

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Hey staffer, sorry you won't get to have any more fun with Safe cases you'd totally fuck up or ignore entirely this January. Maybe go spread more awareness around Twitter and Dac's subreddit, I'm sure the people getting shitfaced and grabbing at each other's junk during the DJ sets MAG refuses to move somewhere besides a main fucking hallway realize they have nowhere else to enjoy such a thing while they flaunt the button down shirts and 3D printed figurines they paid hundreds of dollars for.

Your con sucks. Your alibis suck. You deserve all of this. If you knew this was coming for so long, I have no fucking clue why you tools even bothered with the telethon.

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MAGfest will die in your lifetime.

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Hey guys, I occasionally like to design stuff in solidworks for 3d printing. Pic related is my last invention (it's a dice cage for dungeons and dragons dice). This time I wanted to make some weeb shit as gifts for my siblings this Christmas. Please help me brainstorm! ITT post designs, weapons, cutesy anime objects, etc. and I will follow up with the end results when I'm finished :D

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this is what the inside looks like

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You carve this yourself? That embossing must have taken a long time. What is the material?

Since you are actually talented I doubt you will get much traction here but i'd love to see what you come up with. For what to make for weeb things, consider pendants like this

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they said it was 3D printed anon

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Thanks! Like >>10504729 said, I printed it but designed it myself. Ty for the pendant pic, I saved it.

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Price check for lolita items, please no spergy derailing this time around.

How much should I sell this for? I don't even remember when I bought it, it feels like it's been in my closet forever but I never wear it.

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thinking of selling dream doll in white with the detachable bow, if i can get a good price. but Idk if this dress is included in the sweet craze or not.

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They all seem to go for around $200 regardless of cut and color. There have been a few that sell at $250, but they usually sit there for weeks before they do.

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I’d start an auction at $200 and see where it goes. There’s always been a small but dedicated following of APs old weird tulle shit, and I’m sure that’s increased with the rise of old AP popularity.

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I would pay $$$ for this anon- much more than $200. Drop an email if you want direct offers or please auction it if you want to see where it goes

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I've only seen the used OP recently which went for $200 and I think that one might have been slightly damaged? I haven't seen a JSK in any cut for over a month. There's one on ebay for $450 in wine.

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Hey, /cgl/!

I'm trying to think of some Final Fantasy characters to cosplay. I think I look the most like Noctis, but I'd like to hear all of your inputs.

I've only played XV and XIII-2, so the characters MUST be from those games.

*(side note: I'm single, but don't feel comfortable being hit on--take that shit to /soc/ and not here)

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Use the suggestions thread

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Very funny.

Ok, I'll check it out. I'm new here, so I didn't know about it. You sound cute, by the way. ;)

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Hey, CGL, this faggot is a larper from soc that uses anons pics cause he got owned. nothing to see here.

Dude is obsessed with me. lmfao.

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Red 13. Use the help thread retard.

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Anyone watching this? Being on an exclusive app is dumb though. I want to use my computer and have a big screen.

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literally nothing on it is worth watching
anyc really half-assed it this year
pretty disappointing given how good they were in person

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post princess coords and princess cosplays

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Love this woman. She's in her 40s and still wearing this.

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God damn I love her nose.

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They make specialty double headbands for them now. I think the older ones just had art wire forming the outer band.

(This is a DIY kit off taobao https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-c.w4004-17757541926.6.6e825e96VnuH7S&id=603409596332 if anyone wants one.)

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twitch magic camera trick https://streamable.com/2auk5u

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Previous thread: >>10436129


Old thread archives

Buyf/a/g Guide

Discord Link

Bootlegs are never OK to buy and use, don't be a poorfag.

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I've made more than one, but I planned it so that one is a backpack while the other is a tote. Carrying them both looks strange (and I only really carry both at conventions), but I'm willing to do it if it's for the husbando.

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I might be soon enough - I went a little bit overboard with some mercari lots, so all my Saber merch might need two bags now.

>> No.10507964

Baeber will do that... I would love to see what you got when it comes in!

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not that much in the grand scheme of things, but my bag's really been squished already so this'll put it over the edge. Between this and the Love Live lots I bought for my WIP second bag... I'll probably fill be getting two more soon.

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Please post pics of Dragon Ball Cosplay (preferably as natural as posible)

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Just the like

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I have pretty much lost my love of cosplay. And it makes me really sad because I enjoyed it so much. But the part I loved most about cosplaying was bringing the characters I love to life. And I no longer feel like I’m doing that because all of the characters are super skinny and I’m fat.

I was always curvy, but now that I’m so overweight, cosplaying feels completely different. Even the amount of response I got about my cosplay changed. Not that I cosplayed for the attention, but it was disheartening to see the positive feedback go down after I gained weight.

Anyone had a similar experience?

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This girl looks super pear shaped but with awful genes considering how huge her calves look despite being small up top. How unfortunate.

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Male cosplayers can't compete

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This was a decent enough cosplay till i looked at his shoes

>> No.10504001

well, you are not supposed to be looking at the shoes.

>> No.10504014

Congrats you passed the gay test.

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does anyone have the pic of the Leon cosplayer tied up?
asking for a friend

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Why is this website so obsessed with Japan

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A thread for coordinate inspiration of the darker variety!
>Pastel goth

No lolita coordinates, there is already a thread for gothic lolita here >>10490169

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It's pretty common actually, Kera pops up new shops every other year for a reason and pretty much all brands they sell are like that.

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Yeah I've been dressing this way for many years, it's just kind of a lonely road as an American, since it's much less popular than other j-fashions

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It's that time of year again!

Axes Femme packs are going up online this week.
They're offering 5 different bags again this year: regular, online shop, poetique, kawaii, and kids.

Feel free to share any info on j-fashion brands who are releasing lucky bags this year!

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pondering getting a btssb one for the first time, can anyone spoonfeed me info though on what the offered size range is?

>> No.10507830

btssb lp (well. happy pack. technically.) is just the fairy crystal snow jsk i, socks, tote, and combs so. if you can fit that jsk and you can fit brand socks you'll be fine

>> No.10508117

thanks, my fault for not checking out the blog-spot properly (thought it was a random mix of items)

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IW's ever controversial happy packs will be up for reserve starting Nov 30th. You are now guaranteed to get a set OP of the color and size of your choosing as well as matching socks. The rest will be random.

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And the OP that comes with the lucky pack in bordeaux

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Beloved Bunny Cosplay

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