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I want to believe this is real.

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My friend's little sister wore a cosplay that bunches up in the crotch and now she's getting popular on Tiktok with people who think she's a "trap."

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>As I click through the website where I order my dress
>I take a look at my cart, and realize there's nothing left.
>'Cause I've been hoarding and coording so long
>that even Misako thinks that my mind is gone.

>But I ain't never popped a loli that that didn't deserve it.
>Me be a comm bully, you know that's unheard of.
>Better keep lookin' regal, 'cause wear illegal
>replicas and you know you'll be posted on /cgl/

>I'm not a vendetta-chan, but when I see
>some shitty Hot Topic coord, I spill the tea.
>Girl, I'm the living doll all the lolis wanna be like
>Petticoat feeling right, in my Baby the Stars Shine Bright

>Been spending most our lives living in an ita's paradise...

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Shit or piss?
I guess they never piss, huh?

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I think they're hit or miss.

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Keep those cgl feels coming.

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Please don't kill yourself it would make me sad.

Gonna post some unsolicited advice because I've been in a vaguely similar position before, and an anon helped me out and gave me good advice that actually worked.

Just eat less. Yes, that's literally it. Count your calories and eat like 1200 a day. I recommend an app like MyFitnessPal; it has a nice barcode scanner built in that makes it very easy to track the things you eat. Don't try to account for exercise and add additional calories or anything like that; that'll just fuck up your numbers since 99% of people can't estimate properly. Additional exercise is always good, but not absolutely critical for losing weight. The most important thing is to always be honest with yourself about everything. If you have to estimate a calorie number for what your just ate, try to overestimate it.

If you have an ounce of willpower its easy to lose weight as long as you're not following misinformation or doing some meme fad diet.

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Old one hit limit. >>9976364

Post your feels. Keep them /cgl/ related and don't reply to bait.

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>I gave him a Kill la Kill manga
For kill la killing a guy?

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>I've been deliberately misbehaving at cons just so my bf will spank me.
Keep that shit in your bedroom, stop ruining other people's con experience

>Am I a bad loli?
Not gonna play into your fetish, roleplay-kun

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>projecting this hard
kys you fucking faggot

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Chances are they are an ita that went all “REEEEEEEE ELITIST LOLITAS >:(” when they were told their Amazon cosplay dress wasn’t lolita

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And everyone keeps wondering why lolita comms are shrinking

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The jacket and glasses seem to go together. Honestly I think the short wig looks nice and it's decent overall.

Take that "improvment" wig away from her. Her face isn't ideal, so I think a more natural wig looks better. THe more flawless your face is, the more you can get away with with unnatural wig colors, I think.

Something feels gross about this, but I can't say which specific thing it is that makes me feel uncomfortable; just the whole look is "ew".

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