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I have a fascist brainwash/indoctrination fetish.
I have always loved to read misogynistic and racist content on /pol/ and /r9k/. I love when young men (both online and irl) try to persuade me to become their fascist tradslave. I noticed that they tend to enjoy lolita fashion, because it looks like a fancy traditional costume, which is for the best.

I love when they expose me their views, the smarter the better. I love when I'm not rationally able to counter their arguments. I am close to completely give up now.
I don't think I could date anything else than a misogynistic fascist at this point, left wing normie men disgust me.

I really wonder if "traditional females" are genuine about their beliefs, or the only way to become one is to live a masochistic fantasy, like I plan to do.

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>sharing music with (now ex) bf
>send him a song by Mili that I think is nice
>seconds later remember that it’s a song about how all men are trash
>didn’t get a text back

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I’m saying I want to get my rocks off

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This is the content I came for

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Biphobia doesn’t exist honey

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