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ignore shitposters.

put a tiara on top of your soul and do you, anon.

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Thanks. Hopefully I'll actually feel motivated to keep this one up.

Have you considered making your own stationary items? Hobby Lobby sells stamps, letter paper, and envelopes that are easy to make (a little pricey, but I imagine it being pretty fun). Zazzle apparently makes customized ones too, and Aliexpress sells some pretty gothic inspired sets.

Aw. You're totally me, minus wearing lolita regularly. Doing all of those things are hard to do and I understand not having much time - I mean, I work two jobs and when I do have free time in between, all I want to do is sleep or browse online. I think one thing I've taken away from school is learning how to manage time and making time for things and making time to slow down and step away from the screen is key to participating in lifestyle activities, even if it's just 10 minutes to prepare and enjoy some tea.

As for other people, I wouldn't worry about feeling ridiculous because it's not mainstream/age appropriate. Lolita fashion isn't mainstream and you still enjoy it, right? I feel like lolita, like any subculture, is simply a big fuck you to what's supposed to be mainstream.

Over the course of this thread, I think we've come to the conclusion that there's no real right or wrong way to have lifestyle aspects as a lolita. I have to get ready for work now, but your post inspired me to think of fun ideas as to how to make your life a little sweeter (I think FYeahLolita might have done something like it,but I'll check later). I'll work up a list of things while I'm working.

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i only post coords i like.

karma will protect me.

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you might be, but fuck it. no matter what you do, someone will always judge you for it. so you might as well do what you love.

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>Why are you leaving?
I'm not actually leaving the fashion, but I am leaving the online community and local comm. Not because I feel ~oppressed~ and ~persecuted~ by all the bullies, but because in the rat race of new prints and e-fame, I've totally forgotten why I loved the fashion in the first place.
Reading thread after thread, blog after blog, nearly every topic about the fashion has been utterly exhausted for me. I realized CGL had infected my mind too much when I ended up 20 minutes late to meet up with (non-lolita) friends because I got caught up trying to match all my pinks.
So I'm going back to my roots as a lone loli, deflated petti and all.

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You know what? We should follow our cosplay dreams anon. Even if no one recognizes us.

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I'm making the transfer from cosplay to lolita too. It is really nice to be able to spend the same amount of money I'd put into one cosplay on a various amount of clothes and accessories that I can mix and match and get wear out of even when I'm not at a con.

I'm 21 and still in school, there's no way I'm going to stop before I'm able to put as much time and money as I'd like to into this hobby, which won't be for a few more years at least.

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>Is your SO supportive of your hobby?
Yes. He is supportive of everything I do, as long as it doesn't involve harming myself or others. He just wants me to be happy.

>Do they enjoy it?
I dress in Lolita, and I'm still trying to get a read on whether or not he enjoys it. He comes from a very traditional family, so I think it's more so he doesn't mind it(It's just different/weird to him), but he likes it because it makes me happy.

Do they dress up with you?
Negatory. Doubt I could every get him to, anyway.

>Do you dress them up forcefully?
That would be awful. I wouldn't force my SO to do anything he wasn't comfortable with.

>Are they horrible and mean and don't like that you cosplay/wear Jfash?
I've cosplayed once and he was supportive, even though he finds the hobby a bit funny. I would take him finding it a bit funny over him just shitting all over what I like/love to do though. He also thinks the price of the Lolita dresses are ridiculous, but he doesn't criticize/put me down for it. Again, he realizes it makes me happy and that is all that matters to him.

I said make me happy a lot in this post. Jesus. Sounds like my bf is whipped as fuck, we are just a really happy couple.

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Ooooh, right, the peace bonding people. The people that have absolutely no idea what a real gun even looks like.
In that case, it's pretty much set that no matter what you do you'll either have good luck or bad luck dealing with those people.

In that case, use what you got like you've already decided, as for the colors, just make sure it's got the orange tip so it's in line with actual law, and exaggerate the appearance of the rifle so you can tell it's meant for a cosplay and not for use as a club.
Googled this, it seems legit, and could give you some ideas from the show.
Better yet you could make it pink. Paint a bunny on the grip.
I actually really like this idea not that I've typed it.
You should paint like a super kawaii bunny on it, with an adorable stern look on it's face and bullets held in it's mouth with an ammo belt over it's shoulder.
Refer to pic related for all further questions.

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It's cool this exists. I normally have to find fellow stoner lolitas/cosplayers through meet and greets at conventions. I want to stay anon, but I'd also love to delicatly eat cakes with all of you.

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We don't have a lot of older lolitas right now, since lolita wasn't super popular when they were young. Especially not in the western world.
As we age, it's not like we'll hit a point where you magically sprout a velour tracksuit from our skins. People wear aesthetics that they like and make it appropriate for their age.
The old guy with his pants up to his nipples, right? He wears his pants like that because when he was young, pants sat at your natural waist. So when he got a gut, he has to pull it up and over. He doesn't think "I'm an old man therefor I must wear my nipple-pants, it is fate." He has a preferred aesthetic he's trying to recreate.

Girls now 15-27 who dress lolita, that is the aesthetic that they prefer. It only makes sense that they'd keep wearing it and adapt it as they get older.

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>It appears even we don't fully know what it's meant to be.

It wasn't meant to have some super special deeper meaning, it was just cute, inspired by Victorian era dolls' clothes.

Westerners, for whatever reason, always seem to think that everything has to have some deep, spiritual(?) cause or connection. This is not the case, some things can just be.

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That's just, like, your opinion, man.

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I feel intrigued by this. My personal reaction would probably be scared, but mostly because I wouldn't like to get involved in something like the brolitajenny thing, asides of that if you speak about it as you do in this thread I would totally understand and even feel exited, it is as you say unusual but a loveley passion/hobby.

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Some girls look cute in them, and I'm sure many would disagree, but I myself deplore them. Even a cute bonnet that goes with the outfit is strange and really out of place to me. That's all personal preference. I'd take the maxi-pad headdresses and head eating bows any day.

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words of wisdom...

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