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All of my friends dropped out of coming to a con with me at the last minute, I'm quite upset because I have a bulky cosplay and really needed a handler

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Thank you.

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Okay thanks gulls

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I posted last thread about how excited I was to interview for a job and finally have money for lolita and time to work out again (job would have had a gym and I would have had extra time before or after work to work out while my kid was in daycare)...well turns out they don't have the budget to hire any new employees now so I didn't even get to interview. I know I should not mope and go apply to some other jobs but this one I had such good chances with because my husband works there and put in a good word for me with the boss and they weren't even going to start looking at other candidates unless they really didn't like me after the interview or something. I let myself get way too excited for this and now I'm super disappointed.

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