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>got help
I understand what you mean but I got help in your sense of getting helped (read: getting converted, act like your biological sex, whatever) and everyday was more and more miserable and painful no matter how hard I tried. I cried and begged I don't wanna be a fucking tranny. I still wish I weren't, but it is what it is.

Then I got help in terms of going to a trained psychiatric, psychologist, sexologist, etc team to assess my situation, see if it was a fetish or not, crossing things like dysmorphia or anorexia off the list, etc., and after 6 years, me and partially them basically said fuck it, okay, yeah it's a fucking tranny. That's enough. You wanna know what helped?
My help was/is doing hormonal therapy, transitioning, etc and finally feeling happy and comfortable in my skin and finally being able to wear/shop my precious burando happily and all that shit and finally live my life free like a normal fucking person.
I just wanna fucking live. In peace. I come here and to meets and to cons to talk about frills and cosplay, not about my genitals and my low blood pressure.

I understand there are aydens and predators hon sissies and more and more people are taking things to the extreme and licking trannies boots to earn that "speshul lgbt ally" badge and I feel you gull.
but try not to generalize too much too, ok? at least a little bit? how would you feel if i generalized you too as a lolita as, idk, some stereotype like "ddlg fetish fashion girls like i saw in TLC"? "i hate lolitas and i wish they were banned from cons/fashion shows, they're always toxic ddlg pro-pedophilia bitches".

I'm sorry, and I'm not saying whether I'm mtf or ftm, and now this thread is getting nuked and me banned bc derail, but today i just couldn't keep my mouth shut.

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