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Trannies will never be as loved as Mana and that hurts their fragile lady egos

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>tfw already in hell

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Here we have someone who's trying to look like an old school elitist goth, but is so much of a babybat that he hasn't mentioned the music yet. What's the matter, did you lose your favourite Marilyn Manson album? Mommy didn't bring you the bat-shaped tendies you wanted? Fuck off back to vampire freaks, you have no idea what Gothic Lolita is and little idea of Goth. I bet you've never listened to Bauhaus OR Malice Mizer before.

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I think that changing styles in lolita from sweet to gothic has been a mistake; I can't stop buying stuff for new gothic coords and it's getting to the point where I just keep impulse buying anything that's gothic because I'm just so excited about making the change. I have spent $500+ in the last 2 weeks on shoes, wigs and pieces and as soon as I get money I can only think of how I can spend it buying more gothic. I feel like Mana has possessed me and have a wild lust for anything black and blue

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The rest of lolita is dying so Moitie can live.

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