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Guy who's dated several sweet lolitas here - two from Japan, two from Sweedem and one from America. Here's my finding: sweet Lolita is inseparable from ageplay. 2/5 insisted they we're NOT ageplay so yet wanted me to do ageplay-esque stuff with them like giving them rewards for being a good girl, giving them guidelines/rules to follow, and requesting I call them "little girl" in bed (guess it doesn't count as ageplay if I don't flat out say "daddy's little girl," huh?) The other three were ageplayers, admitted it, but you wouldn't know otherwise since they kept it as a deep dark secret they'd only reveal after a few months of gradually leading up to it. The Japanese ones in particular straight up would yell stuff like "I need to do my homework!!! I'm going to be late for my bed time!!" and "it feels funny down there! I don't want to play this game anymore, I'm scared!!!" And such. Unapologetically age players. When you have prints like Dreamy Room, it's not hard to see why.

Just saying. I guess I don't mind it, but ageplay isn't entirely my cup of tea either. Just something I can still least reciprocate for their sake because I'm not a selfish lover.

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Okay, maybe came off from rough here >>10010415 and 4chan won't let me delete the post. But let me explain.

Almost none of what you implied from this post can be concluded without filling out gaps with your own personal insecurities. You said a lot more about yourself than OP in this post, even dedicated half of it to blogposting about your own hopes and dreams.

You just injected way too much of your own perspective on to the original post. Projection isn't inherently about jealousy. Not to make fun of you, just trying to make you see something.

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