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ive been here a long time, slick, and never have i once ever in all my fucking years seen anyone say "HAHAHA"

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Regarding our ultimate fate, Harry Dent is one of the most prominent deflationists; and his absurd theory is that the government will just let everything crash in the end, and that people who are holding U. S. treasuries will win. I think we all know that the government will do everything to stop that crash from happening; they will do YCC and print to the moon. But even the nominal stock-market crash which he posits would cause every over-leveraged G-SIB bank on earth immediately to fail (see Alasdair Macleod on this) and wipe out every single person who is holding dollars. All confidence in the dollar as the world-reserve currency would subsequently be lost, and the world would immediately revert to gold. So whether we get so-called "deflation" or "inflation" is irrelevant; you want to be holding PMs when the crisis comes to a head. More importantly, Harry Dent also denies manipulation on the COMEX, which is the only reason why paper gold and silver "crash" when the stock market crashes--the bankers smash the paper price, so that PMs don't seem like safe havens in the storm. Dent uses this dumping of paper PMs as his evidence that gold will "deflate" when everything else "deflates," but truth is that you would soon get a COMEX default if the banks smashed the price again that far, as you nearly did get in March 2020. As proof that gold is not in a bubble, it needs to go 11x to reach its ShadowStats inflation-adjusted ATH of $20,000; silver needs to go 40x to reach its own one of $966. Miners have also almost never been cheaper on a relative basis.

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If he bought low when /pmg/ told him to, he only put $3000 into it.

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I was the one who first shared this link here. Thanks Dimitri, glad to see that it's getting around. Nelson Bunker Hunt was a hero and he was cheated in exactly the same way that the GME short-squeezers were cheated.

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What issues are you talking about? Gold didn't cause any issues in the '70s, it simply went up 25x and made fortunes for investors and exposed the highly-inflationary government policies which had been going on. If the Fed had actually re-adopted gold in the '70s then the U. S. would have returned to a sound monetary policy and we'd have avoided 40 years of wars and socialism and tyranny.

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Also listen to these interviews:

Ted Butler: Crushing the Silver Short Positions


Ed Steer: Silver Price is About to Blow Sky High


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>the likelihood of that is nearly zero

Hold on, didn't you just say that what happened to an investment before is how we should judge how it will fare in future--so if silver juniors went 150x when silver doubled last time, why shouldn't they do so again? Seems rather hypocritical of you.

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>tether fud has already been debunked dumdum
Actually it's now a thousand times more justified because we just learned that tether which is allegedly of 1:1 value with dollars is only 13% backed, but I'm sure you were already aware of that anon, weren't you?

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Dilution isn't necessary when you have cash flow.

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You wish.

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Yield-Curve Control means that the Fed commits to printing a hypothetically infinite amount of money to keep the yield from going beyond a certain level. It essentially means printing tens of trillions. It will make miners and metals go to the moon. The only alternative now is to let stocks keep crashing into oblivion, which would cause a banking crisis, which itself would cost tens of trillions to bail out.

They have no escape.

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You're right. $50 silver by the end of the year is too conservative.

If the COMEX breaks, it's going to be $900 silver instead.

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On reflection, think that I'll leave the remaining part of this thread to be filled up by other people in case they have something to contribute. Thanks everybody for keeping this thread alive and for the discussions throughout.

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It's a good start.

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