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>They are gifts from God to us, who do not deserve them.

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good night everyone

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>I asked about the moral dilemma of getting rich off of link when it may be used by the satanic elite to push their agenda
from what Sergey, Ari and the higher ups in the team have behaved and the decisions they've made so far it is my understanding that they are not looking to misuse this technology
it is up to us and people like us to ensure that it doesn't happen, hence why this type of technology is preferable to the fiat printing of state controlled entities

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>i know there are others out there that intuitively know there is more out there than what we are shown by media and culture, but i don’t know of any people like that.
I got really lucky, my mother and my wife are the only ones who I can say that I know of who are like that (besides you guys on /biz/ and a few others from my past)

>how can i get this knowledge i desire? where can i find a mentor?
it sounds funny but it's true
when the student is ready, the teacher will appear
it won't be a hollywood type mentor, a lot of deeply flawed people can still teach you valuable lessons and skills
I find it best to take my personality and opinion about the topic or the person out of the equation when I'm in a learning/student mode.
It's an invaluable skill in learning.

if you want practical advice, I highly recommend curating your linkedin and networking with people on there and getting references from colleagues and employers and curate your interests and feeds and connections

For example I have a few people from the chainlink team on my IRL linkedin network connections. This is in addition to the connections I already have established from my current consultancy and previous work and studies.

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I hope so, price predictions aren't as useful as insider information
regardless, I budget conservatively and am glad to be proven wrong in my estimates

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